Someone just said "Hi, Jack" to the pilot !!!!

[watching the sharks]


RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! The root of all evil is here!

* Welcome to another useless internet site *

[vérsion allemande de la page première]

Hi, I never cared what anyone here says, so don't dare to write me in Russian, Hebrew, French or Swhili. (You wouldn't want to get mail in Swedish from me. Except every second full moon when the mooses are flying all over New York, because then I'm in a coma.)


Babylon 5

Star Trek: Voyager

The ultimate TV-show on earth!

  • Boom (or: Why I just shot Janeway)

NEW: Nothing on this page But click a link and you'll know why I'll never again hack my nice brother's web site. Nosir!

Dum... deee... dum...

The only place where you are safe from your brother's revenge when you hack his web site.

Guess what, I went the way of Dresden, Nagasaki and San diego!


The X-Fools

Here's some stuff I blocked my brother's computer for all day long. And now you see what it resulted in.

700 reasons why I'll never pet dogs who have a human leg between their teeth.


NEW!: The only section of this web site that is actually read by someone.

Check rats. Yeah, Neither know I where the check boxes are on these beasts, but, hey, I'm just trying to fill in this long table.

I found the place. Just push their nose and it turns red. But I'd need a second rat to toggle it off again...


Ruth's Ruthless Rubbish

As you might have guessed, this section includes just all those weird odds and ends that didn't fit to the other headlines.

[Dizzy Piranha]

You would love to have a baseball club of your own, but you don't know where to get enough followers? - This innovative guide will show you how to become aware of how many air conditioning systems have been surrounding you from the day you were born, or cloned, or whatever caused you ;)


Howzabout that:

Bill Gates is dead. God says hi and says, "Well, Bill, I don't know whether to put you in heaven or in hell. On one hand, you decieved a lot of people into buying that monstrosity called "Windows." Then again, that great release of Mac Office and Internet Explorer makes me think you repented. So here's the deal: I let you spend one hour in Heaven, and one hour in Hell. After that, you tell me where you want to go.

So Mr. Bill tries out Heaven. Angels playing the harp, clouds, golden cities, all these bore Billy to death. He goes to Hell and finds several attractive, scantily clad women walking on the beach with Windows CE palmtops and PCs everywhere.

Naturally, Bill chooses to go to Hell.

A week later, God checks up on Bill. Bill is being tortured by demons and burnt in the infernal flames of Hell. Bill cries out, "This isn't the Hell you showed me last week!"

God replies, "That was the demo version."


The Jumpgate

Q: How many Microsoft engineers does it take to write a good software program?

A: More.


 This is the story of a bad little big sister who had the nerve to hack her innocent nice little brother's web site at 10PM just after he'd been forced into a hard day of sports playing Volley- and Basketball. And this is the story of the Witnesses of TeachText, who set out to right this ungodly wrong and corrected her web site so she'd realize that god really is with the good. At least weekdays from 17:00 to 23:00, so I'd better upload this quick.

 innocent bystanders were hacked uh... hurt after seeing this page since friday.
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The Witnesses of TeachText are everywhere. and where they aren't, there are alien abductions, and Chuck Sherman's International consortium (although he had no part in this).


MacPirate: No prisoners

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