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The X-Fools -- "T.A.L.U.E."



"T.A.L.U.E." - The very first thrilling adventure of our favourite platonic couple, Special Agent Squeally and Special Agent Muley from the Fedrall Bewro of Idiots. (Allright, I've never seen the real first episode, but I'm pretty sure it must have been somewhat like that)

This b/w comic book was orginally made as a birthday present for a friend of mine (hi to Miriam!). Her dedication to a certain tv-program called "The X-Files" inspired me to record the very gist of this story in only one exciting 12-page story in order to keep her from watching all 100 episodes and go bananas. Unfortunately, I did not succeed in stopping her. Well. At least, we went bananas together.

Thanks to Lorrie for helping me spoofing the names. (The spoof is out there!)
Thanks to my ancient copy of PhotoShop for accidentally producing the lovely spooky background pattern.


Now read the story and see whether the truth about these mysteries really is elsewhere:

  • Can Squeally's minority complex be cured by Positive Thinking?
  • Will Muley succomb to his psychosis and run amok?
  • Will the top secret files be stolen by some cunning sinister force?
  • What does the U.S. Army have to do with it?
  • Will Muley's far-fetched theories again turn out to be the right answers in the end?
  • What was the question?
  • Will the insurance pay the destroyed car and the torn trenchcoat?
  • What was the real reason for the pencil to break?
  • Will Squeally eventually succeed in convincing the aliens of their non-existence?
  • ... And - what does T.A.L.U.E. mean anyway??


--->> open the X-file and show me the truth <<----


© 1998 by Ruth Kusterer

Disclaimer: I'm not an X-Phile. I'm not earning any money with this. All X-files protagonists belong to somebody called Chris Carter and to some kind of Fox. Please don't bite me. I've have never written X-files related FanFic or UnfanFic before. Promise. But I might do it again. >:-)