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Babylon 5

our last best hope for... good science fiction ;-)

What is it? Babylon 5 and its discontinued sequel Crusade are extremely cool scifi television series created by The Great Maker J. M. Straczynski. Great developping characters, lots of computer animated space action, and at the end of each episode things don't revert to status quo, but the characters have to live with the consequences of what happened...

Contents: Here you'll find over 250kb of the best quotes from both series (might take some time to load), my Babylon 5 parody The Intergalactic Samaritans (German version appeared in the Crossroads Magazine under Die Intergalaktische Telephonseelsorge), facts about the planet Epsilon Eridani the spacestation is orbiting, and a unique insight why San Diego was nuked, straight from the horses mouth!

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