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My collection of the most philosophical, crucial and/or funny quotations from the four Babylon 5 movies released in 1998-1999, plus from 13 episodes of the "discontinued" follow-up series Crusade.

There are hypertext references added where the characters appear to quote each other across shows, because a few quotes from the B5 Series are strikingly repeated in Crusade. The links in italics will take you to my Babylon 5 TV-series quotations page.

I did not put the Crusade episodes in any special order, since I don't know anyone who has gotten the hang of a fully consistent order yet...

These quotes naturally contain major SPOILERS.




Babylon 5 movies

In The Beginning (pre-B5)

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Thirdspace (B5 Season 4)

River of Souls (B5 Season 5)

A Call to Arms (post-B5, pre-Crusade)

Crusade Episodes

Crusade Intro
War Zone

The Long Road
The Well Of Forever
The Path Of Sorrows
Ruling From The Tomb
Appearances And Other Deceits
The Memories Of War
The Needs Of Earth
Visitors From Down The Street
Each Night I Dream Of Home
Patterns Of The Soul
The Rules Of the Game
Racing The Night





In The Beginning [top]


Delenn: "It is said that in every age, there is one single event that forever changes the world around us. A nexus if you will."
G'kar: "It is said that the future is always born in pain. The history of war is the history of pain. If we are wise, what is born of that pain, matures into the promise of a better world. Because we learn that we can no longer afford the mistakes of the past."
Delenn: "But in the pain of that war, a future was born. A future that would one day have a name whispered on a hundred worlds. The final refuge for dreams. And our last, best hope for peace. Babylon 5."

Old Londo (to Luc): "Yes, I am the Emperor. Here, you see. This is the seal of the Centauri Republic. Only the Emperor can wear it. So either I am the Emperor, or I am in a great deal of trouble. Or both."

Old Londo: "What do you want?" *8
Luc: "Tell me a story!"
Centauri Nanny: "Luc!!"
Londo: "No, no. It's all right. He did far better with that question then I did."

Old Londo: "For the next ten years, one question would obsess a hundred worlds. Why did the Minbari surrender at the battle of the line on the very eve of victory? The answer to that question would change the galaxy forever."

Old Londo: "Dear lady, I would love to walk with you on a beach, somewhere, for just five minutes. How strange to come so far and want so little."

Old Londo: "The Humans, I think, knew they were doomed. But where another race would surrender to despair, the Humans fought back with even greater strength. They made the Minbari fight for every inch of space. In my life, I have never seen anything like it. They would weep. They would pray. They would say goodbye to their loved ones and then throw themselves without fear or hesitation at the very face of death itself. Never surrendering. No one who saw them fighting against the inevitable, could help but be moved to tears by their courage, their stubborn nobility. When they ran out of ships, they used guns. When they ran out of guns, they used knives and sticks and bare hands. They were magnificent! I only hope, when it is my time, that I may die with half as much dignity as I saw in their eyes at the end. They did this for two years. They never ran out of courage. But in the end, they ran out of time."

Sheridan: "Hell, I did not want to live forever anyway."*13

Dukhat: "Why do you come here Delenn?"
Delenn: "I come to serve."
Dukhat: "Who do you serve."
Delenn: "I serve the truth."
Dukhat: "What is the truth?"
Delenn: "That we are one people, one voice."
Dukhat: "Will you follow me into fire? Will you follow me into darkness? Will you follow me into death?"
Delenn: "I will."
Dukhat: "Then follow"

(After Dukhats Death)
Morann: "Delenn, we need to strike back, but the council is divided. Do we follow them [humans] back to their base and take revenge, or do we wait, try to find out what happened? Yours is the deciding vote, Delenn."
Young Delenn: "He was the best of us! They struck without provocation, there was no reason! Animals! Brutal! They deserve no mercy! Strike them down! Follow them to their base and ... and kill them, all of them! All of them! No mercy!"

Delenn: "I'm not saying anything. I did not say anything then, and I'm not saying anything now. Unless you are saying you have seen a Vorlon"

Delenn: "Are you still here?"
Kosh Naranek: "We have always been here."

Kosh Naranek: "The truth points to itself."
Delenn: "What?"
Kosh Naranek: "The truth points to itself."
Delenn: "I do not understand."
Kosh Ulkesh: "You will."
Delenn: "But..."
Kosh Ulkesh: "Go now!"
Kosh Naranek: "Go, before it is to late."

Dukhat: "If you are seeing this message, it is because I am dead. I leave this in trust of the Vorlons to give to the right person at the right time. I ask you to trust them, as I have. They have come to us in secret to prepare for the coming war. They say we'll need allies. In particular, a race that is so far unknown to us, called *Humans*. If we have not already done so by now, it is my hope that we will work with the Vorlons to find these Humans and bring them into the battle on our side. The allies of the Shadows are gathering at Z'ha'dum. Their masters can not be far behind. They must be stopped. Finish the work, that I began. Finish it."

Thirdspace [top]


Sheridan: "It was the middle of the Earth year, 2261. The year between wars and the beginning of a new age. The Shadow war was over, but there was still a darkness waiting for us at home. President Santiago was assassinated, and his successor, president Clark, was turning Earth into a prison camp. We had broken away from Earth and in retaliation, they quarantined us. Trying to strangle our supply lines. We were desperate. We couldn't afford to lose even a single supply ship. In the midst of all of this, we made contact with Thirdspace and we almost did not survive it. I only hope we never come across it again, because next time, no one's going to survive it."

Vir: "It's not the speaking that's the problem, it's the listening."

Delenn: John. Whenever something comes into our proximity that has to do with the unknown, your eyes light up like two tiny suns. And do you know what words these two tiny lights spell out?
Sheridan: What?
Delenn: Mine! Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!
Sheridan: Oh, now that is a lie!
Delenn: Minbari do not lie.
Sheridan: Well, then it is slander.
Delenn: To be slander, it must be false. That's two down.
Sheridan: Well! Then it's damned inconvenient.
Delenn: The truth always is...

Sheridan: "Can you swing by and pick me up on your way in?"
Delenn: "Of course. In the fullness of time." *1
Sheridan: "And how long is that?? This isn't funny Delenn."
Delenn: "Yes it is."
Sheridan: "Oh no, it isn't!"

Ivanova: Well, the vultures are starting to circle...
Zack: I thought the vultures only circled after you were dead?
Ivanova: Maybe they know something we don't?

Ivanova: "You think anyone would notice if I just killed a few of them?"
Franklin: "Well ... How many?"
Ivanova: "I don't know. Uh... ten?"
Franklin: "Oh, yeah, they would notice."
Ivanova: "Six?"
Franklin: "Go for it."

Ivanova: "'Before things get crazy'? I see, and what exactly would you call this?"
Dr. Trent: "Science."

Sheridan: "Yeah, well, maybe it is a learning experience for you."
Dr. Trent: "If it is, it's a hell of a painful one."
Sheridan: "Ain't no other kind, Dr. Trent."

Alex: I want to thank you for your time, Miss Alexander. You are a lovely young woman. And if I was thirty years younger, and you were a little blind in one eye, what a wonderful life we could have together.

Lyta (writing on walls): "Remember ... there ... is ... danger ... remember ... there ... is ... danger ... remember ..."

Delenn: "Who are you?"
Lyta (as Vorlon): "An echo of what was. A memory. A warning embedded in the thoughts of each generation and passed on to the next."

Lyta (as Vorlon): "They are a power beyond comprehension. Hungry beyond understanding. They are anti-life itself. Older even than we were. Telepathic all of them. They modified the gate, so that it enhances their telepathic impulses. Created an army of our own people willing to die for them. We fought them back, disabled the device, but those controlled by their influence dropped into hyperspace, before we could stop them. Hiding from us."
Sheridan: "What do they want?"
Lyta (as Vorlon): "To destroy all life that is not their own. They believe only they have the right to exist in the universe. That all other life forms are inferior and must be exterminated."

Lyta (as Vorlon): "Our great mistake, our failing and now your failing. The error is compounded."
Delenn: "What mistake?"
Lyta (as Vorlon): "The first one. The one from which all mistakes precede. The error of pride. We had traveled to a thousand worlds. We brought order, discipline. We appeared to them as beings of light. They saw us as emissaries of the universe. They saw us as gods. And we, in our pride, begin to believe them. We believed that we were superior to the universe that gave us birth. We believed that we could transcend this dimension, that we believed that we belonged to a another higher plain. And in the end, in terms you can understand, we resolved to storm the gates of heaven itself. We applied all our wisdom. All our knowledge, to opening a door to another dimension. A place, we believed was the well of souls, the foundation for all life. We would touch the face of God and in so doing become gods ourselves. We forgot that a door may swing in two direction. We were so concerned with getting out, that we never stopped to consider what we might be letting in, until it was too late..."

River of Souls [top]

Zack: "Oh come on. We have faced shadows, invasions, and attacks on this station and now we are going to give into lawyers. Argh."*2

Corwin: "Ok. Activate defense grid. Launch all starfuries. And if they move, shoot them. If they don't move, shoot twice, they are probably hiding something."

The Love Bat: "I love you! - I forgive you! - I'm an idiot! - I'm a loser! - No one likes me! - My mommy dresses me funny! - ...."

Garibaldi: "But I can see why a lot of guys would rent this particular image [of Lochley]."
Holo-brothel owner: "Actually, it was mainly women."

Lochley: "Why else would they choose my image??"
Garibaldi: "I hear it's very popular..."
Lochley: "Is it?"
Garibaldi: "So I'm told."

Lochley: "Shoot me. Shoot me now."

Garibaldi: "Who are you here for?"
Soul Hunter: "Not you. None of you. Not today."

Garibaldi: "All I know is that when they show up, someone is about to die..."
Zack (coughing): "I just have a dry spot in my throat from the air conditioning! I feel fine! Stop looking at me like that! "

Garibaldi: "You know you are looking kind of pale...."
Zack: "Don't start with me!"

Soul: "They came for us. They took us away. They had no right! Let me go back to sleep. Let me die."

Soul: "Tell them, they made a mistake. We were not dying. We were evolving. We were evolving!"

A Call to Arms [top]

Galen: "Fear makes wise men foolish. In my case, I can only hope it makes fools wise."

Galen: "And to whom am I supposed to explain my behavior this time?"
Technomage: "To everyone involved."
Galen: "Everyone? It must be a very large room!"

Galen: "And if sometimes dreams come true, then what of our nightmares...?"

Dureena: "There is no sense belonging to a secret group, if you tell everybody about it."

Dureena: "Perhaps I should just shoot myself now and save myself a great deal of time and trouble. But no, that would be selfish. As their greatest enemy, they would have trouble plans for you, if we do not stop them. That's it, first I will shoot you and then I will shoot me. I would consider it a public service."
Sheridan: "I'm honored"
Dureena: "You're welcome."

Garibaldi: "Because if you are going to blow my head off, I suggest you do it right now, or I am going tear your heart out! And if you do shoot me, the rest of my people will be all over you. And what they will do to you is worse than anything I can dream up in a thousand years, and I can dream real dark..."

Garibaldi: "Things were so much easier on Babylon 5."

Drake: "After three months of trying, Mr. Garibaldi suggested that we declare victory and move on."

Sheridan: "I have to find out, if, what I think is, is."
Garibaldi: "And what if is, isn't?"
Sheridan: "If it isn't, then it's not. But if it is, well, there you are."

Sheridan: "Hello, this is the president. I'm busy with affairs of state and can't come to the link right now. At the chime, leave a message and I'll get back to you at the earliest opportunity."

Lochley: "You're asking the impossible."
Sheridan: "Then, I am asking the right person."

Lochley: "I always knew I would get court-marshaled for something someday day. It may as well be now and I get it over with."

Sheridan: "I've told president Luchenko, that we will put all the resources of the Alliance and Whitestar fleet at their disposal. We'll turn the Excalibur into a traveling resource station. Manned by the best crew we can find. The rangers will search every corner of space. Then the Excalibur and her crew will go in to follow up. Legend said that one day, the real Excalibur would return in her greatest hour of need. I guess this is it."

Sheridan: "Those who command the Excalibur will never stop, never give up, never slow down, until a cure is found. We will take any help we can get, where ever and who ever it comes from. Because this is a cause that surpasses borders and differences and distrust. This is a mission about the survival of Earth itself. What we do over the next five years, here and at home, and across the darkness of between the stars will determine the whether and entire world will live or die. It's a fight we can't afford to lose and we won't. We won't!"



Crusade [top]


Galen: "Who are you?" *9
Gideon: "Matthew Gideon, Captain, attached the EarthAlliance star ship Excalibur."
Galen: "What do you want?"
Gideon: "To find a cure to the Drakh plague, before it wipes out all life on Earth."
Galen: "Where are you going?"
Gideon: "Anywhere I have to."
Galen: "Who do you serve and who do you trust? ..... Who do you serve and who do you trust??" *10


War Zone [top]

Galen: "And so it begins."*3

Gideon: "This is my command. I'll do whatever's necessary. If that means turning the entire galaxy upside down to shaking it's pockets to see what falls out, then that's what I'll do. I'm not subtle. I'm not pretty and I'll piss off a lot of people along the way. But I'll get the job done."

Dureena: "Yes, I'm a thief and a damn good one. Need to get inside something? Get out? Tunnel under? Go around? Go through? I'm it. You're going to hit some pretty strange places and you're going to need a lockpick. There isn't a lock made, that I can't get through..."

Eilerson: "That's the fun part about being an archeologist, Sam. The present constantly getting in the way of exploring the past."

Eilerson: "The story of my life. I finally find a city like this, intact, deserted for ten thousand years. Probably contains hundreds of patents that I could exploit and I'm going to die. I can appreciate dramatic irony as much as the next person, but this is pushing it a bit!!"

Galen: "Expect me, when you see me."*4

Galen: "What do you want?"
Gideon: "To find a cure to the Drakh plague, before it wipes out all life on Earth."
Galen: "Where are you going?"
Gideon: "Any where I have too."
Galen: "Who do you serve and who do you trust? ... Who do you serve and who do you trust?!" *10
Gideon: "I don't know..."
Galen: "Then, I will go with you."

Galen: "Hello, Matthew. I just wanted to you to know that I am here and watching, in case you should need help."

Trace: "I've got plans for the weekend, and being dead ain't one of them."


The Long Road [top]

Gideon is playing an unsucsessful solo game of basketball:
Gideon: "That's the third time, in and out!! That hoop is defective, man!! Cheap, lousy, piece of--"
Matheson: "I believe you were saying something about 'calming the spirit'?"
Gideon: "Complaining about the court is part of the game!"

Galen: "Well, I'll go and get ready to meet them, then."
Gideon: "I haven't invited you, yet."
Galen: "You will."

Galen: "And if I'm right, then it is definitely something you should see."
Gideon: "And if you're wrong?"
Galen: "Oh, well, that hardly sounds likely, does it?"

Lt. Meyers: "A twelve ton cargo transport disappeared entirely from our planet side base for two days. When it reappeared, we discovered that the engines had been removed and replaced with a substance resembling peanut butter."
Galen [laughs]

Gideon: "They report seeing a dragon..."
Galen: "What?"
Gideon: "A dragon... Big as skyscraper."
Galen: "Aaah - breathing fire and all that?"
Gideon: "Supposedly, yes. But they haven't found any damage. Can't be much of a dragon."
Galen: "Did they say what color it was? Red, green, black...?"
Gideon: "Gold, with red eyes. Why?"
Galen: "Oh. Nothing!"

(TechnoMages discussing their creation of demons)
Galen: "The teeth are a very nice touch."
Alwyn: "You think so? Not too big?"
Galen: "No I think they are just about right."
(Demon bites someone. Screams, noises...)
Alwyn: "Yes, I suppose you're right."

Alwyn: "In ten or twenty years, this will become a legend. Some people won't even believe that I existed. I don't think I mind that, not at all, really. It's what we all want, isn't it? To become something larger than ourselves, to enter living memory... Have them talk about us when we've gone..."


The Well of Forever [top]

Eilerson to Galen: "So... you have a magic rock, that provides you with a mystical place, that is a metaphor of a book, that gives you answers to questions we haven't asked yet. And you want us to spend days in hyperspace based on *that*??"

Galen: "Matthew was right, we all have something to hide. And we all have something to tell. And we all have a secret name. We all have a question ... One question that unlocks our hearts."

Galen: "Ever technomage knows the fourteen words that will make someone fall in love with you forever, but she only needed one."
Gideon: "What word?"
Galen: "'Hello'."

(Strange Aliens surround the Excalibur in Hyperscape ...)
Gideon: "It's mating with us!?!"
Galen: "Well, it's not exactly the first contact situation I would've envisioned, but--"

Dureena: "So, what happened up here?"
Gideon: "Oh, nothing major... Just a few pesky life forms getting fresh with my ship..."

Dureena: "My people are taught to avoid cross roads, also beaches, cliffs, pits, caverns, and wells."
Eilerson: "Where do you go on vacation?? Another part of the room???"

Gideon: "I've already made that promise times three hundred."
Galen: "Have you kept it?"
Gideon: "No, not yet."
Galen: "Then when the time comes, I will help you kept yours, as you have helped me kept mine. Perhaps then we can both forgive ourselves our common crime."
Gideon: "What crime?"
Galen: "Being alive."*5


The Path of Sorrows [top]

Matheson (to Galen who's been travelling the transport tube for hours) "You like going nowhere at one hundred and twenty miles an hour?"
Galen: "Of course. That is man's natural condition."
Galen: "I think this is where I get off, metaphorically, metaphysically, and literally. But do go on riding! Go around enough times and with any luck, you might come to the same conclusions that I have."

Galen: "Waste not, want not."

Isabelle, dying: "You must learn, one day, to forgive God for his decisions. I'm sure it will greatly relieve him."

Gideon: "It's easier not to want forgiveness or to expect it. We just keep trying to fix the mistake so we don't have to ask. But you end up trying so hard to atone for one set of mistakes that you overcompensate and make new ones. And then you can never break out of the cycle. You just keep going around and around. No way out and no where to go."


Ruling from the Tomb [top]

Eilerson: "History is rarely cut and dry when it comes to religion. One man's lunatic is another's saint or holy martyr. In the words of T.S. Elliot, saint and martyr rule from the tomb."

Trace: "I'm starting to feel like some kind of yo-yo."
Dureena: "Some kind of what??"
Eilerson: "Yo-yo. Slang for fool or idiot."
Trace: "I meant the toy!"
Eilerson: "Oh, and there is that, too."

(Dureena reconquers Eilersons's wallet)
Eilerson: "If you didn't care, you wouldn't have helped..."
Dureena: "No, I helped, because he was a sloppy thief, and I hate to see a sloppy thief win. It reflects badly on the rest of us."

Dureena: "You know, on my world, it was considered a great evil to even presume to speak on behalf of the Universe!"
Eilerson: "Well, they're a lot smarter than we are. What's that old saying? Anyway. Christ came to tell us to love one another and the last twenty-two hundred years, we've spent killing each other on how he said it. 'When you become obsessed with the enemy, you become the enemy.'" *?
Dureena to Trace: "I'm starting to agree with him and that's more than I can bare! Would you care to dance?"
Trace: "Love to."

Dureena: "Gods, I am drowning in testosterone...."
Eilerson: "Oh, luckily for you, you're equipped with flotation devices."

Gideon: "Read my mind."
Matheson: "Sir. I would never--!!"
Gideon: "Sorry. Sorry. It's a figure of speech. I didn't mean it literally."

Lochley: "Earthforce asked for an officer to oversee it. The good doctor [Franklin] put me at the top of his short list. Right now, my main goal is to find a cure for this, so I can go earth side and thank Steven in person with a laaarge brick..."

Gideon: "You are the most double talking, suspicious, second guessing individual, I've ever seen, since the last time I looked in a mirror!!!"
Lochley: "I guess that's why we make such a good team."

Gideon: "All these precautions are nice, but ..."
Lochley: "Nice!? Captain Gideon, Security happens to be my middle name!!"
Gideon: "That's all well and good, but, just in case your last name is Breach, it won't hurt for me to double check."
Lochley: "Double check!?!"

Lochley: "You know what you are?"
Gideon: "Ruggedly handsome."
Lochley: "A control freak."
Gideon: "Can't I be both?"

(During dinner, talking about Sheridan)
Gideon: "Where you ever under him?"
Lockley [about to drink, coughing]
Gideon: "You ok?"
Lockley: "Fine, fine. Thank you. Under him??"
Gideon: "On Babylon 5, you served under him."
Lockley: "Oh yes, yes. I was... under him for a while."
Gideon: "Married?? You're telling me, that some guy, actually managed to land you, got you to lower your defenses enough to commit, and then let you get away?! Oh, god. He must be the biggest loser in the galaxy!"
Lochley: "Oh, major loser, they don't come any bigger."
Gideon (about to drink) " 'Loser have a name?"
Lochley: "John Sheridan."
Gideon (gagging, laughing) "Had to wait until I'd took a drink. Didn't you?"
Lochley: "It seemed only fair."

Lochley: "Do you believe that there is a supreme being?"
Gideon: "Aside from John Sheridan?"
Lochley: "Yes, aside from the wisest, bravest, sexiest man in the galaxy. Apart from him?"


Appearances and Other Deceits [top]

Gideon "As Mr. Eilerson says, THE AIR is human."

Chambers to nurse: "And you, I want you to go through full decontamination procedures, before you come out of there, including body cavity decon!! Maybe we'll get lucky and find out where your copy of MedLab regulations went?!"

Matheson (about new uniform) "I'm not sure that I will be able to breath in that thing!?"
Gideon grins: "Breath on your own time!"

Gideon: "Personal journal, Captain Matthew Gideon, continue. It's now days since our visitors arrived on behalf of the Political Affairs Office. There is apparently some concern with how our work here is being perceived back home. They've been assigned to "help" us. Before their tour is finished, I may have to kill them. Assuming, Lt. Matheson doesn't beat me to it."

Eilerson: "I hate it when I go to movies with kids in the audience, because there is always someone there that tells me I can't kill them when they get loud! Now, who makes up these rules anyway..."


The Memory of War [top]

Galen: "Clear me for docking. Put away the breakables. Turn on the landing lights. I'm coming in."

Galen: "I want you to know, this thing [probe] just made a very large dent in my ship! Did you ever think about looking outside, before you start throwing things overboard??"
Gideon: "Maybe next time, you'll let us know when you coming?"

Galen: "There are good planets and there are bad planets. There are healthy planets and unhealthy planets. There are safe planets and dangerous planets. This place is known to every Technomage as a bad place, a deceased, dangerous place."
Eilerson: "You talk like that planet is alive?"
Galen: "Everything is alive, in its way. Have you ever been in an empty house and felt an oppressiveness, a shadow on the soul? Now multiply that by a billion times and that is fairly radiating from this planet."

Galen: "Have you ever wondered why there are so many dead worlds out there? Let me tell you why. It's because despite the best advise of people who know what they are talking about, other people insist on doing the most massively stupid things."

Galen: "Look, Matthew. To those of us in my order, another technomage is the only family we have. Then, after I was... asked to leave the order as a penalty for having to much contact with the outside, I came to rely on you and on the others and on this place. Perhaps more than I should have."

Eilerson: "Where are you going?"
Gideon: "To follow a friend into hell."

Eilerson: "Good in theory, lousy in practice - it implies that I'm expendable. I am many things. I am bright, personable, charismatic, and not a bad dancer, but expendable? No."


The Needs of Earth [top]

Gideon (pretty beaten up): "What that a big enough distraction?"
Dureena: "It was very nice. Does that hurt?"
Gideon: "Profoundly."
Gideon: "I may have an idea."
Dureena: "I don't think you have recovered from your last good idea."
Gideon: "That would explain it."

Matheson: "It looks like we going by-- Stand by..."
Gideon: "Don't say "stand by", when we are one word away from good news!!"

Gideon to Alien Ambassador's Aid: "Do you do this a lot, lie to protect his ego??"
Nix "All the time. It's politics and self preservation."
Gideon: "Understood..."

Matheson: "How odd, to know everyone's heart, but my own..."


Visitors from down the Street [top]

Matheson: "The more you make a big deal out of denying something, the more people think it must be true..."

Gideon "Refresh me, lieutenant. How did we get in the middle of this again??"
Matheson: "I believe it was an act of mercy, Sir."
Gideon: "Remind me, never to do that again."
Matheson: "Aye, Sir. No good deed goes unpunished." *6
Gideon: "I'll have that embroided on a sampler when we have time..."

Gideon: "Getting kind of crowded out here lieutenant. How am I supposed to sleep? I expect you find a quieter sector next time."
Matheson: "Aye, sir. If they begin firing on us, should I tell them to come back in the morning when we are all fresher?"

(Dropping loads of encyclopaedias on "X-Files"-planet)
Matheson: "There are probably some who'll say that by doing this, we are interfering with their culture..."
Gideon: "Probably. Screw them."


Each Night I dream of Home [top]

Lochley (close to collapsing against a wall after leaving the MedLab without Chamber's consent): "No, I'm fine. I'm fine."
Gideon: "Of course. You're just holding up the wall in case of an emergency."
Lochley: "Yeah! Well, I thought it looked kind of weak! I try and do my part."

Lochley: "Is there anything you can tell me?"
Gideon: "Never eat anything bigger than your head. Never shoot pool at a place called Pap's. Never eat food at a place called Mom's. The mission is classified, Captain."

Gideon: "Perhaps you will join me for dinner, once ... you're up and about?"
Lochley: "Will you be serving anything bigger than my head?"
Gideon: "Not on the first date, Captain."

Gideon: "I can see every detail of the earth's surface as I'm seeing it now. But after my father died, I tried to remember his face, but it always slipped away from me. Why is that I wonder?"
Matheson: "Maybe it's because we can't decide which face to remember? The face of father when we were children, the face of our father the first time we left home, the face of our father the last time we saw him... They all blur together, we lose the details... But Earth is constant. Earth is forever."
Gideon: "You're too young to be having thoughts this old, Lieutenant."

Franklin (on deadly virus) "It's not reproducing. It's decompressing like a .zip-file!!"


Patterns of the Soul [top]

Chambers (examining contaminated garbage) "I could have been the chief Med on the science vessel Olympus! But no... I had to chose this mission... because it was 'honorable'... 'commendable'... 'important'-- Eugh. This is how I'm helping humanity..."

(Gideon isn't pleased of being Chamber's "Lab rat")
Dureena: "To answer that, we have to figure out the difference between a rat and a starship captain and I don't think we have that much time."

Gideon: "Granted, I'm a bit eccentric as captains go..."
Dureena: "Yeah. You gamble."
Gideon: "Well. Yeah."
Dureena: "Yeah. You cheat."
Gideon: "That's subjective!"
Dureena: "You never tell anyone the whole truth."
Gideon: "And who does?"
Dureena: "Alright."

Eilerson: "I just do what I am told. The cooperation knows all, sees all, and tells very little. If we make a bad call, we can honestly say that we have acted in good consciences based on the information available. Absolution in abscissa. The blessed state of being able to say, 'It's not my fault!'"


The Rules of the Game [top]

Gideon: "Can I smack him? Just once?"
Lochley: "No."
Gideon: "I never get to have any fun."

Gideon (about negotiations with the alien ambassador): "Plato once said, that for everything that exists, there is a perfect form of it somewhere. A perfect human being, a perfect chair, a perfect stick, so that everything is a shadow of that one perfect form. Now, if we follow that train of thought, that means that somewhere in the universe there exists the perfect form of the perfect absolute and complete idiot. And he left here an hour ago."

Gideon (daring Lochley to visit Down Below): "I bet a hundred credits says nobody will even know who you are."
Lochley: "A hundred credits?"
Gideon: "That's right. I even go along to keep an eye on things. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two."
Lochley: "Haho. Ah, mister you got a deal."
Lochley: "That will be one hundred credits."
Gideon: "You cheated."
Lochley: "Absolutely."
Gideon: "I like that."


Racing the Night [top]

Galen: "There is always hope. Only because that is the one thing that no one has figured out how to kill yet."

Gideon: "I thought I told you to stay below decks?!"
Galen: "Oh yes, it will be so much safer below decks if the ship burns up in the atmosphere... If I'm going to die, I'd rather do so in a room with a view!"

Galen: "When you have reached the end of the road, then you can decide, whether to go to the left or to the right, to fire or water. If you make those decisions before you have even set foot upon the road, it will take you no where ... except to a bad end."

Chambers: "So far, so good."
Gideon: "Then I expect trouble at any minute."
Chambers: "You're a pessimist, Captain."
Gideon: "I'm a realist."

Galen: "In the fullness of time." *1

Gideon: "He's a technomage. They like that. He appears when you want him least and need him most..."

Galen: "I want you to know Matthew, I heard that bit about my only showing up when most needed and least wanted! Good thing for you, that I don't hold a grudge."
Gideon: "Yes you do."
Galen: "Never contradict a technomage, when he's saving your life again!"

Gideon: "I thought you said you don't hold a grudge?"
Galen: "I don't. I have no surviving enemies ... at all."

Galen's Hologramm (trying to catch the attention of the aliens): "Oh my. Whatever should I do. They have all left without me. I knew I would forget where we parked that shuttle. I hope something DREADFUL doesn't happen to me. Oh look, something dreadful!"

Gideon: "Don't think!"
Galen: "Yes, quite right. If you wanted to think, you shouldn't have joined the military in the first place!"



To be discontinued... :-(