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My collection of the most philosophical, crucial and/or funny quotations from the 1994-1998 TV-Series Babylon 5 by J.M. Straczynski (who owns all the rights etc).

There are hypertext references added where the characters appear to quote each other across shows, because a few quotes from the B5 series are strikingly repeated in Crusade. The links in italics will take you to my Crusade&B5-Movie quotations page.

These quotes naturally contain major SPOILERS.



Babylon 5 movies

go to: In The Beginning (pre-B5)

The Gathering (Babylon 5 pilot Movie)


Babylon 5 TV-series episodes

2257 2258 2259 2260 2261
Season 1 intro
101 Midnight on the Firing Line
102 Soul Hunter
103 Born to the Purple
104 Infection
105 The Parliament of Dreams
106 Mind War
107 The War Prayer
108 And The Sky Full Of Stars
109 Deathwalker
110 Believers
111 Survivors
112 By Any Means Necessary
113 Signs and Portents
114 TKO
115 Grail
116 Eyes
117 Legacies
118 A Voice in the Wilderness I
119 A Voice in the Wilderness II
120 Babylon Squared
121 The Quality of Mercy
122 Chrysalis
Season 2 intro
201 Points of Departure
202 Revelations
203 The Geometry of Shadows
204 A Distant Star
205 The Long Dark
206 A Spider in the Web
207 Soul Mates
208 A Race Through Dark Places
209 The Coming of Shadows
211 All Alone in the Night
212 Acts of Sacrifice
213 Hunter, Prey
214 There All the Honor Lies
215 And Now For a Word
216 In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum
217 Knives
218 Confessions and Lamentations
219 Divided Loyalties
220 The Long Twilight Struggle
221 Comes the Inquisitor
222 The Fall of Night
Season 3 intro
301 Matters of Honor
302 Convictions
303 A day in the Strife
304 Passing Through Gethsemane
305 Voices of Authority
306 Dust to Dust
307 Exogenesis
308 Messages from Earth
309 Point of No Return
310 Severed Dreams
311 Ceremonies of Light And Dark
312 Sic Transit Vir
313 A Late Delivery from Avalon
314 Ship of Tears
315 Interludes and Examinations
316 War Without End I
317 War Without End II
318 Walkabout
319 Grey 17 is Missing
320 And the Rock Cried Out 'No Hiding Place'
321 Shadow Dancing
322 Z'ha'dum
Season 4 intro
401 The Hour of the Wolf
402 What ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
403 The Summoning
404 Falling Toward Apotheosis
405 The Long Night
406 Into the Fire
407 Epiphanies
408 The Illusion of Truth
409 Atonement
410 Racing Mars
411 Lines of Communication
412 Conflicts of Interests
413 Rumors, Bargains and Lies
414 Moments of Transition
415 No Surrender, No Retreat
416 The Exercise of Vital Powers
417 The Face of the Enemy
418 Intersections in Real Time
419 Between the Darkness and the Light
420 Endgame
421 Rising Star
422 The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
Season 5 intro
501 No Compromises
502 The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
503 The Paragon of Animals
504 A View from the Gallery
505 Learning Curve
506 Strange Relations
507 Secrets of the Soul
508 Day of the Dead
509 In the Kingdom of the Blind
510 A Tragedy of Telepaths
511 Phoenix Rising
512 The Ragged Edge
513 The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father
514 Meditations on the Abyss
515 Darkness Ascending
516 And All My Dreams Torn Asunder
517 Movements of Fire And Shadow
518 The Fall of Centauri Prime
519 Wheel of Fire
520 Objects in Motion
521 Objects at Rest
522 Sleeping in Light

More B5 Quotes (Homeless but worth reading)

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The Gathering

pilot movie to Babylon 5 (1993) [top]


Londo: "I was there at the dawn of the third age of mankind. It began in the earth year 2257 with the founding of the last of the Babylon stations, located deep in neutral space. It was a port of call for refugees, smugglers, businessman, diplomats, and travellers from a hundred worlds. It could be a dangerous place but we accepted the risk because Babylon 5 was our last best hope for peace. Under the leadership of its final commander, Babylon 5 was a dream given form. A dream of a galaxy without war when species from different worlds could live side by side in mutual respect. A dream that was endangered as never before by the arrival of one man on a mission of destruction. Babylon 5 was the last of the Babylon stations. This is its story."

Sinclair: "You name it, sooner or later, everyone comes to Babylon 5"

Sinclair: "Welcome to Babylon 5."
Kosh: "Entil'zha Valen."

G'kar: "Can you imagine what we could achieve together?"
Delenn: "I can, which is why it must never be allowed to happen."

G'kar: "But what does that have to do with ... "
Sinclair: "... with nano-technology? Glad you asked. You've heard of it haven't you? Machines too small for the human eye to see. You can even shield them, make the invisible to electronic detection. Like the one you just swallowed in that drink."

Garibaldi: "Beep beep!"
Londo: "'Beep beep'? It must be Earth Humor."

Londo to himself: "Nice shark. Pretty shark."

Londo: "You're a security chief. Shouldn't you be out, securing something?"

Londo: "We've become a tourist attraction. See the great Centauri Republic. Open 9 to 5, Earth time."

Garibaldi: "Commander, this little breach of security isn't going to affect my Christmas bonus, is it?"

Delenn: Do you not have files on the Vorlons?
Sinclair: Absolutely, very large files. There's nothing in them of course. How much do you have?
Delenn: More than you, it would seem. Naturally, it's all classified.
Sinclair: Naturally.
Delenn: Here is a copy of everything I have. It may be of use. If anyone asks -- say it fell from the sky.

Sinclair: "... A poem, a story in meter or rhyme."
Delenn: "Ah, 'There once was a man from Nantucket'!"
Sinclair: "You been talking to Garibaldi again, haven't you??"
Delenn: "Yes, how did you know?"

G'kar to Lyta: "Would you prefer to be conscious or unconscious during the mating?"

Dr Kyle: I just finished my test on the Ambassador. It took longer than I expected. Even for an alien, this one is pretty alien.

Laurel Takashima: "One human did see a Vorlon. And turned to stone..."

Sinclair (about The Battle of the Line): The sky was full of stars, and every star an exploding ship. One of ours.

Sinclair: There's a 24 hour period in my life that I can't account for. It happened during the war with your people. You wouldn't be holding anything out on me, would you, old friend?
Delenn: Commander, I would never tell you anything that was not in your best interest.

Minbari assassin to Sinclair: "There is a hole in your mind."


Babylon 5 - Season 1 [top]


Sinclair: "It was the dawn of the third age of mankind. Ten years after the Earth Minbari war. The Babylon project was dream giving form. It's goal to prevent another war by creating a place where humans and aliens could work out their differences peacefully. It's a port of call. Home away from home for diplomas, hustlers, entrepreneurs, and wanders. Humans and aliens wrap in two million five hundred thousand tons of spinning metal, all alone in the night. It can be a dangerous place, but it's our last best hope for peace. This is the story of last of the Babylon stations. The year is 2258. The name of the place is Babylon 5."


Intro in German:

Male voice: "Ich war dabei, als das dritte Zeitalter der Menschheit begann. Zehn Jahre nach dem interstellaren Krieg zwischen den Menschen und den Minbari. Das Babylon Projekt, ein uralter Traum, war Wirklichkeit geworden. Um weitere Kriege zu verhindern, war ein Ort geschaffen worden, an dem Menschen und Ausserirdische trotz aller Unterschiede friedlich zusammenleben koennen. Babylon 5 ist eine Anlaufstelle für Flüchtlinge, Schmuggler, Geschäftsleute, Diplomaten und andere Reisende aus den verschiedensten Welten. Sie leben, umgeben von 2 1/2 Millionen Tonnen Stahl, mitten im Weltraum. Es kann ein sehr gefährlicher Ort sein, aber es ist auch die einzige und letzte Hoffnung auf dauernden Frieden. Wir schreiben das Jahr 2258. Dies ist die Geschichte der letzten großen Weltraumstation. Ihr Name ist Babylon 5.



Midnight on the Firing Line [top]

Londo: "Trust me."
Garibaldi: "Trust you? Londo, my brain will be five days dead before I ever trust a Centauri! The first time we meet your people, the first time we met any other civilization, you told us you practically run the entire galaxy! What was it you said - 'A huge empire'."
Londo: "Come on... Public relations!"
Garibaldi: "Only, that hasn't been true for a hundred years. Then you give us this line, that Earth is some lost Centauri tribe, making us 'distance relatives'. Until we finally got our hands on some Centauri DNA and find out we are not related at all. Appears aside, we are two completely different species!"
Londo: "A clerical error..."

G'kar: "I will confess, that I look forward to the day when we have cleansed the universe of the Centauri and carved their bones into little flutes for Narn children. It is a dream I have."
Sinclair: "Be careful ambassador. Not every dream I've heard ends well for you."

Kosh Naranek: "They are a dying people. We should let them pass."
Sinclair: "Who, the Narn or the Centauri?"
Kosh Naranek: "Yes."

Londo: "I'm sorry. Here, open my wrists!"
Garibaldi: "Centauri don't have major artery's in their wrists!"
Londo: "Of course we don't. What do you think, I'm stupid??"

Ivanova: "You are sitting at *my* station using *my* equipment. Is there a reason for this, or, to save time, should I just snap your hands off at the wrists??"


Soul Hunter [top]

Soul Hunter: "Setor Retor .... Setor Retor...."
(helluva quote, eh?)


Born to the Purple [top]

Londo: "I would rather kiss a jovian Treeworm."
G'Kar: "You have kissed far more worse things in your time, Molari."
Londo: "Yes, and you can kiss my plump Centauri a-- ah!"

Londo: "Gentlemen, of all things in life, are females not the finest?"
G'kar: "On that, Mollari, we can at least agree."

G'kar: "Just don't give away the homeworld."

Londo: "And Vir!"
Vir: "Yes, Sir?"
Londo: "Don't give away the homeworld!"

Londo to Vir: "What do you want, you moon-faced assassin of joy??"


Infection [top]

Ivanova: "Don't! Your too young to experience that much pain."

Ivanova: "If you will excuse me, I'll be over there, getting drunk with the rest of the aliens."

Garibaldi: "I think they're looking for something worth dying for, because it easier than looking for something worth living for."

Garibaldi: "Win, lose, or draw - this thing is going to know it was in a fight."

Sinclair: "The last time I gave an interview they told me to just relax and say what I really felt. Ten minutes after the broadcast I got transferred to an outpost so far off the starmaps you couldn't find it with a hunting dog and an ouiji board."
Garibaldi: "Don't sweat it. Just be that charming, effervescent commander we've all come to know and love. What's the worst that could happen? They fire you, ship you off to the Rim and I get promoted to Commander. I don't see a problem here."

Garibaldi: "Have you ever tried one of these?"
ISN reporter: "What is it?"
Garibaldi: "I am not sure. According to the translator, it is either a an aphrodisiac or floor wax. I can't decide if it's worth the risk or not..."

ISN Reporter: "You still haven't told me when the commander is due back?"
Garibaldi: "Soon."
ISN Reporter: "How soon is soon?"
Garibaldi: "Longer than a little while, faster than later."

Dr. Hendricks: "In the last five years, I've seen things off world you can't even imagine. I've stood in the abendy desert and seen all seven moons go into eclipse. I've walked in vaults that sealed longer than there has been a human race. Breathing air that is five million years old. You call that a short cut if you will, but I lived. By God, Steven, I have lived."

Sinclair: "Eventually, our sun will grow cold and go out. When that happens, it won't just take us. It will take Marilyn Monroe, Lao-Tse, Einstein, Morobuto, and Buddy Holly and Aristophenes. Then all of this, all of this was for nothing -- unless we go to the stars."


The Parliament of Dreams [top]

Delenn to Lennier "I can't have an aid who will not look up. You will be forever walking into things!"

G'Kar [sings while cooking]: "I'm thinking of, thinking of calling her / right after my afternoon nap / I'm thinking of, thinking of sending her flowers / right after Bonnie gets back / Sooo many fishes are left in the see / so many fishes but no one for me / I'm thinking of, thinking of... [???]" *7

Londo: "Do you know what the last Xon said just before he died? 'Argh!' Ha ha!"

Ivanova [via ComLink]: "Commander Sinclair. Commander?"
Catherine Sakai: "I don't mean to alarm you, but your pants are talking to you."
Sinclair: "I know."

Vir: "Ah! He has become one with his inner self!"
Garibaldi: "He's passed out."
Vir: "That, too."

Delenn: "Will you follow me into fire, into storm, into darkness, into death? And the Nine said Yes. Then do this in testimony to the one who will follow, who will bring death couched in the promise of new life and renewal disguised as defeat. From birth through death and renewal, you most put aside old things, old fears, old lives. This is your death, the death of flesh, the death of pain, the death of yesterday. Taste of it, and be not afraid. For I am with you until the end of time. Taste of it. And so, it begins"

Tu'Pari: "Are you ambassador G'kar?"
G'kar: "This is ambassador G'kar's quarters. This is ambassador G'kar's table. This is ambassador G'kar's dinner. What part of this progression escapes you??!"

Londo: "Have I ever told you, that you are very cute, for a Minbari? Oh and you are cute, too, in an annoying sort of way. Everybody's cute. Everybody's cute. Even me. But in purple, I am stunning!"


Mind War [top]

Garibaldi [stares silently at PsiCops Bester with an angry expression]
Bester: "Anatomically impossible, Mr. Garibaldi, but you're welcome to try."

G'Kar: "There are things in the universe billions of years older than either of our races. They are vast, timeless, and if they are aware of us at all, it is as little more than ants, and we have as much chance of communicated with them as an ant has with us. We know, we've tried. And we've learned that you can either stay out from under the foot, or be stepped on."
Catherine Sakai: "That's it? That's all you know?"
G'Kar: "Yes, they are a mystery. And I am both terrified and reassured to know that there are still wonders in the universe, that we have not yet explained everything. Whatever they are, Ms. Sakai, they walk near sigma 957, and they must walk there alone."

Bester: "Be seeing you, commander."

Catherine Sakai: "Why?"
G'kar: "Why not."
Catherine Sakai: "Not an answer!"
G'kar: "Oh, yes it is. It simply not an answer you like, or an answer you expected. There is a difference. Narns, Humans, Centauri: We all do what we do for the same reason - because it seemed like a good idea at the time."

Jason Ironheart: "You can not harm me. You can not harm one, who has dreamed a dream like mine."

Sinclair: "Mister, I don't care if you had a personal message from God, complete with stone tablet!!"

Sinclair to Bester: "Get out of my head! If you want to talk to me - talk to me!"


The War Prayer [top]

Londo: "These are my three wives: Pestilence, famine, and death..."

Londo: "Love?? What does love have to do with marriage??"

Londo: "My shoes are too tight."
Vir: "Excuse me?"
Londo: "Something my father said. He was old, very old at the time. I went into his room and he was, sitting alone in the dark, crying. So I asked him what was wrong and he said, My shoes are too tight, but it doesn't matter, because I have forgotten have to dance. I never understood what that meant until now. My shoes are too tight and I have forgotten how to dance."

Ivanova: "The Vorlons are very secretive. They don't want anyone know how they look like, what they breathe, or how their biology works. I mean, who knows how much this suit it's really necessary, how much it's just camouflage to keep us from seeing what is inside?"


And The Sky Full Of Stars [top]

Garibaldi: "He lying, I can tell!"
Sinclair: "Everyone lies Michael. The innocent lie because they don't want to be blamed for something they did not do. The guilty lie because they don't have any other choice. Find out *why* he is lying, and the rest will take care of itself."

Ivanova: "Mister Garibaldi, there're days I'm very glad I don't have to think like you do."

Sinclair: "We were outnumbered and outgunned, we never had a chance. You say we could have won, but you weren't there. You did not see them. When I looked at those ships, I did just saw my death, I saw the death of the whole damn human race."
Knight One: "Then why did they surrender?!"
Sinclair: "I don't know, maybe the universe blinked, maybe God changed his mind - all I know is that we got a second chance."


Deathwalker [top]

Kosh Naranek: "A stroke from the bush does not guarantee art from the bristles."

Sinclair: "They say God works in mysterious ways."
Garibaldi: "Maybe so - but he is con man compared to the Vorlon."

Ivanova: "Our gunner arrays are now fixed on your ship. They will fire the instant you come into range. You will find their power quite impressive for a few seconds."

Kosh Naranek: "You are not ready for immortality."

Kosh Naranek: "Ah, you seek meaning. Then listen to the music, not the song."

Talia: "Ambassador, I've thought it over and I don't believe that I can continue with this assignment."
Kosh Naranek: "Your belief does not enter into it. We have a contract."
Talia: "I know that, but you don't really *need* a telepath!"
Kosh Naranek: "What is need compared to the path?"

Kosh Naranek: "Understanding is a three edged sword."


Believers [top]

Delenn: "Who's belief is correct and how do we prove it?"

Franklin: "My god save us from false religion."
Sinclair: "What makes a religion false? If any religion is right then maybe they all have to be right. Maybe God doesn't care how you say your prayers, just as long as you say them."
Franklin: "What if there is no god at all?"
Sinclair: "Is that what you believe?"
Franklin: "I believe in saving lives. Without life the question is meaningless."
Sinclair: "But life has to be more then a pulse beat. What we hold sacred gives our life meaning."

Sinclair: "Who asked you to play god?"
Franklin: "Every damn patient who comes though that door, that's who! People come to doctors, because they want us to make it better or make it not so. They want to be healed and they come to me when their prayers ain't enough."

Franklin: "I'm waiting. For an apology"
Sinclair: "You better check the temperature in hell first!"

Ivanova: "I surely have things to occupy myself here. Yes, Sir. I think, I'll just walk to and fro for a while. Maybe over to my console. After that, maybe I'll try pacing fro and to, just for the kick of it."

Ivanova: "Don't worry about me. I'm just gonna sit here and knit something. Maybe a nice sweater, some socks..."

Kosh Naranek: "The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote"


Survivors [top]

G'kar: "The universe is run by the complex interweaving of three elements: Energy, matter, and enlightened self-interest."

Sinclair: "You're more trouble then a toilet full of snakes, but I could not run this station without you."


By Any Means Necessary [top]

Sinclair: "You should never hand someone a gun, unless you are sure where they'll point it.


Signs And Portents [top]

Morden: "What do you want?"
G'Kar: "What do I want? The Centauri stripped my world. I want Justice."
Morden: "But what do you want?"
G'kar: "To suck the morrow from their bones and grin their skulls to powder."
Morden: "What do you want?"
G'kar: "To tear down their cities, blacken their skies, sow their ground with salt, to completely underlie erase."
Morden: "And then what?"
G'kar: "I don't know. As long as my home world safety is guaranteed, I don't know that it matters."
Morden: "I see."

Morden: "What do you want?" *8
Londo: "I want my people to reclaim there rightful place in the galaxy. I want to see the Centauri stretch forth their hand again and command the stars. I want a rebirth of glory, a renaissance of power. I want to stop running through my life, like a man late for an appointment, afraid to look back or to look forward. I want us to be what we used to be. I want ... I want it all back, the way that it was. Does that answer your question ?"

Morden: "The question is its own purpose, ambassador Delenn. What do you want?"
Delenn: "I'm informed that you have just seen Ambassador G'kar. Are you asking each of us this question?"
Morden: "Perhaps. Does that invalid the question?"
Delenn: "No. But it makes me wonder."

Kosh Naranek: "Leave this place, they are not for you. Go. Leave, Now!"

Lady Ladira: "The Shadows have come for Lord Kiro. The Shadows have come for us all."

Sinclair: "Sleep well?"
Ivanova: "Sleeping is not the problem. Waking up -- that is a problem. I've always had a hard time getting up when it's dark outside."
Sinclair: "But in space it's always dark!"
Ivanova "I know. I know."

Ivanova: "What does my mouth always taste like old carpet in the morning?"
B5 computer: "Unknown. Checking medical log."

Lady Ladira: "When I arrived here, I had a vision about this place."
Sinclair: "He [Londo] told me, but we came through the attack in one piece. The station is safe."
Lady Ladira: "For now. But the vision, commander, the vision is still there. It is not an easy thing, but I can let you see. If you trust me.
[Sinclair sees the vision of Babylon 5 being destroyed from the inside.]
Sinclair: "This... is it a vision of what WILL be, or what MIGHT be?"
Lady Ladira: "The future is always changing. We create the future, with our words, our deeds, and with our beliefs. This is a POSSIBLE future, Commander. And it IS my hope, that you may yet avoid it."


TKO [top]

Ivanova "So, how are things back home?"
Rabbi Jossel Koslov: "They change, they stay the same. Russia is Russia. Your father used to say: 'If regret could be harvested, Russia would be the world's fruit-basket.'"

Ivanova: "I'm ready to go back on duty, Sir."
Sinclair: "Good. I had my fill of double shifts."
Ivanova: "Perhaps you remember that, next time Ms. Sakai visits the station...!"


Grail [top]

Ivanova: "No boom today, boom tomorrow. There is always a boom tomorrow. What? Look, somebody's got to have some damn perspective around here! Boom. Sooner or later, BOOM!"

Londo: "Fools to the left of me, feeders to the right... I need to find a real job."


Eyes [top]

Ivanova to Mr. Gray: "As for fear, if you enter my mind for any reason, I will twist your head off and use it for a chamber pot. If you'll excuse me."

Garibaldi: "If I knew who god was, I would thank her."

Ivanova: "May I borrow your PPG to shoot myself squarely in the head?"

Lennier [building a motorcycle in his quarters]: "Ah, Mr. Garibaldi. I was just about to embark on the mysteries of the fuel injection system. Would you care to join me?"

Ivanova: "It's good to have things back to normal."
[Lennier and Garibaldi pass by on their motorcycle]


Legacies [top]

Ivanova: "There's nothing more annoying then Mr.Garibaldi when he's right."

Neroon: "You talk like a Minbari, Commander. Perhaps there was some small wisdom in letting your species survive."
Sinclair: "We like to think so."


A Voice in the Wilderness I [top]

Draal: "The third principle of sentient life is the capacity of self sacrifice. The conscious ability to override evolution and self preservation for a cause, a friend, a loved one."

Londo: "The next day, I woke up. I saw her in the light of day, sleeping against my arm and I decided I would rather chew off my arm than wake her up..."
Garibaldi: "Oh, that's sweet."
Londo: "No, no: She had a voice that could curdle fresh milk!! 'Looondo!' - 'Yes, dear?', 'Looooondo!' - 'Coming, my darling. I'll be right there, my love bug....'"

Londo (sings): "'You put your right hand in, you put your right hand out, you put your whole self in, and you turn yourself about. You do the Hokey Pokey, you give a little shout. And that's what it's all about!' -- It doesn't *mean* anything. I have been studying it for seven days! I had the computer analyse it! I swear to you, It does not mean a thing!!"
Delenn: "We've come at a bad time, haven't we..."
Londo: "No, not at all. Here sit, I'll make some hot Jalla..."
Draal: "I rather enjoyed the song--"
Delenn: "Don't tell him."
Draal: "You're sure?"
Delenn: "Trust me."

[After there was almost an accident in the landing bay]
Ivanova to pilot: "And just one more thing. On the trip back, I would like you to take the time to learn the Babylon 5 mantra: Ivanova is always right. I will listen to Ivanova. I will not ignore Ivanova recommendations. Ivanova is god. And: If this ever happens again, Ivanova will personally rip your lungs out. Babylon control out. ... Civilians... [Looking up] Just kidding about that god part. No offense."

Sinclair: "Problem with the transport tube?"
Talia: "No, not really. It seems like every time I get into the tube, Mr. Garibaldi is there. It's like he knows!"
Sinclair: "Talia, Mr. Garibaldi is many things, but he is not omniscient."
[Elevator opens and Garibaldi's standing there, smiling]

Ivanova: "It's a Russian thing. When we are about to do something stupid, we like to catalog the full extent of our stupidity for future reference."

Londo: "Now I go to spread happiness to the rest of the station. It is a terrible responsibility, but I have learned to live with it!"

Londo: "There is a natural law. Physics tells us, that for every action, there must be an equal and opposite reaction. They hate us, we hate them, they hate us back. And so, here we are - victims of mathematics."


A Voice in the Wilderness II [top]

Garibaldi: "The planet we are parked next to is about to go up like a roman candle. What am I supposed to do? Arrest it?"

Londo [trying to land a space ship]: "Landing thrusters... landing thrusters... Hmm. Now - if I were a landing thruster, which one of these would I be?"

Ivanova: "Worst case of testosterone poisoning I have every seen."

Marsian-Hater "Like my granddad used to say: Nuke them till they glow and then shoot them in the dark!!"


Babylon Squared [top]

Sinclair ['hypnotizing' Ivanova during breakfast]: "The time I learned to really appreciate mornings during the three years, I spent being taught by Jesuits. We used to get up at five o'clock every morning for sunrise mass... then an hour of meditation before class... We would sit ... quiet ... at peace ... breathing in ...breathing out ... breathing in ... breathing out...."
[Ivanova falls asleep. Garibaldi steals her breakfast. When she wakes up, Garibaldi tells her she's late for her shift. Ivanova leaves in a hurry]
Garibaldi: "Four ... Three ... Two ... One ..."
Ivanova [from a far]: "Garibaldi!! You're a dead man!!!"

[Bored during a spaceflight]
Garibaldi: "Mind if I ask you a question?"
Sinclair: "Sure."
Garibaldi: "Ok, it's morning. You're getting ready to go to work. You pull on your pants. Fasten, then zip, or zip and then fasten?"
Sinclair: "??"

Garibaldi: "Okay. Then let's talk socks---"

Delenn: "Summoned I come. In Valen's name I take the place that has been prepared for me. I am gray. I stand between the candle and the star. We are gray. We stand between the darkness and the light"

Sinclair: "Why do you need Babylon 4??"
Zathras: "Zathras tell, you let Zathras go? Finish what Zathras came for?"
Garibaldi: "Zathras tells, maybe we don't break Zathras scrawny little neck!"
Zathras: "Need place, place to gather, to fight, to organize."
Sinclair: "You need Babylon 4 as a base of operations in a war. Is that it?"
Zathras: "To help save galaxy on the side of light."

Zathras: "Zathras die, but Zathras die for cause. Maybe stop great war. Maybe Zathras great hero. Maybe build statue to Zathras and others come, remember Zathras."
Major Louis Krantz: "What if we take you with us, put you on trial?"
Zathras: "Zathras not of this time. You take, Zathras die. You leave, Zathras die. Either way, it is bad for Zathras."


The Quality of Mercy [top]

Dr. Franklin: "Next. We start by removing your clothes."
Ivanova: "Not without dinner and flowers."

Sinclair: "I'm still waiting for an explanation, gentlemen."
Londo: "Yes, and I am prepared to give you one, commander, as soon as the room stops spinning...."
Sinclair: "This station creates gravity by rotation. It never stops spinning."
Londo: "Well. I begin to see my problem. Hmm."


Chrysalis [top]

Londo "Now, out of that 50, how many gods do you think I must have offended to have ended up with G'Kar's teeth buried so deeply in my throat that I can barely breathe?"
Vir: "All of them?"
Londo: "Sounds right. And now, I have to go back to the Council and explain to them that in the interest of peace the Centauri government will agree to give quadrant 37 to the Narns. I think I will stick my head in the station's fusion reactor. It would be quicker. And I suspect, after a while, I might even come to enjoy it. But this -- this, this, this is like being nibbled to death by-- what are those Earth creatures called? Feathers... long bill... webbed feet .. go 'quack'...?"
Vir: "Cats."
Londo: "Cats. I'm being nibbled to death by cats."

Kosh Naranek: "You have forgotten something."

Kosh Naranek: "And so it begins."*3

Lennier: "But, what if you are wrong?"
Delenn: "Then speak well of me, when I'm gone."

G'kar: "Expect me, when you see me."*4




Babylon 5 - Season 2 [top]


Sheridan: "The Babylon Project was our last, best hope for peace. A self-contained world five miles long, located in neutral territory. A place of commerce and diplomacy for a quarter of a million humans and aliens. A shining beacon in space, all alone in the night. It was the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind... the year the Great War came upon us all. This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations. The year is 2259. The name of the place is Babylon 5.

Intro in German:

Male voice: "Das Projekt Babylon war unsere letzte und einzige Hoffnung auf Frieden. Eine fuenf Meilen lange Raumstation in einem neutralen Sektor. Eine Welt des Handels und der Diplomatie fuer eine viertel Million Menschen und Ausserirdische. Ein strahlendes Leuchtfeuer, einsam in der Dunkelheit des Alls. Es war der Beginn des dritten Zeitalters der Menschheit, das Jahr, in dem fuer uns alle der grosse Krieg begann. Dies ist die Geschichte der letzten grossen Weltraumstation. Wir schreiben das Jahr 2259. Der Name der Station: Babylon 5."



Points of Departure [top]

Sheridan: "It was an early earth president, Abraham Lincoln, who best described our situation: The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate for the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise to the occasion. We can not escape history. We will be remembered, in spite of ourselves. The fiery trial through which we pass will light us down in honor or dishonor, to the last generation. We shall nobly save, or meanly lose our last best hope."

Ivanova: "And as far as I am concerned, the transports can wait until the sun explodes! And if your not happy with the seating arrangements, I will personally order your seats to be moved outside, down the hall, across the station and into the fusion reactor. Am I absolutely perfectly clear on this? I can only conclude that I am paying off karma at a vastly accelerated rate..."


Revelations [top]

G'Kar: "I searched for days, going from one system to another. Then, on dark deserted worlds, where there should be no life, where no living thing has walked in over a thousand years, something is moving, gathering its forces, quietly, quietly... hoping to go unnoticed. We must warn the others, Na'toth. After a thousand years, the darkness has come again."

Lennier: "Ambassador Delenn remains indisposed."
Londo: "'Indisposed'!? She's in a cocoon!"
Lennier: "Yes?"

Londo: "One desserts his post without any explanation. The other one picks the most breathtakingly inconvenient moment possible to explore new career options like... becoming a butterfly!"

Londo: "Why don't you eliminate the entire Narn homeworld while you're at it? "
Morden: "One thing at a time, Ambassador. One thing at a time."


The Geometry of Shadows [top]

Garibaldi: "Well, howdy do, sir. I'm looking for the lady of the house, assuming you're not the lady of the house. Anyway, I'm here to sell you something that will make your life easier, cleaner, and all around happier! Yes, sir, the ACME handy dandy microhelper. Right here in this box."

Sheridan to Garibaldi: "So in other words, you're perfect for the job, because you're paranoid and compulsive."
Franklin: "Or compulsively paranoid..."
Garibaldi: "Who told you to say that!?"

Lord Refa: "When we heard that you would personally take care of the problem. Well ..."
Londo: "Yes, I'm sure it sounded absurd."
Lord Refa: "More like 'insane'."

Elric the TechnoMage: "We are dreamers, shapers, singers, and makers. We study the mysteries of laser and circuit, crystal and scanner, holographic demons and education's of equations. These are the tools we employ, and we know many things."
Sheridan: " Such as?"
Elric: "The true secrets, the important things. 14 words to make someone fall in love with you forever. 7 words to make them go without pain, or say good-bye to a friend who is dying. How to be poor. How to be rich. How to rediscover dreams when the world has stolen them."

Elric: "You don't frighten easily."
Vir: "I work for Ambassador Mollari. After a while, nothing bothers you."

Elric: "I see a great hand reaching out of the stars. The hand was your hand. I heard sounds, the sounds of billions of people calling your name."
Londo: "My followers?"
Elric: "Your victims."

Elric: "Do not try the patience of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger."

Elric: "I could warn you of course, but you would not listen. I could kill you, but someone would take your place. So I do the only thing I can. I go."


A Distant Star [top]

Sheridan: "And I tell you one thing, if the primates that we came from had know that someday politicians would come out of the gene pool, they would have stayed up in the trees and written evolution of as a bad idea!"

Ivanova [about new diet]: "I'll gain weight!"
Dr. Franklin: "Well, briefly, yes."
Ivanova: "Figures. All my life, I've fought against imperialism. Now, suddenly, I *am* the expanding Russian frontier."
Franklin: "But with very nice borders..."

Delenn: "The universe puts us in places where we can learn. They're never easy places, but they are right. Where every we are is the right place and the right time. The Pain that sometimes comes, it is part of the process of constantly being born."

Delenn: "Then I will tell you a great secret, Captain. Perhaps the greatest of all time. The molecules of your body are the same molecules that make up this station, and the nebula outside, that burn inside the stars themselves. We are star stuff, we are the universe, made manifest, trying to figure itself out. As we have both learned, sometimes the universe requires a change of perspective."


The Long Dark [top]

G'kar: "Take my advice and go back to the time you came from. The future isn't what is used to be."


A Spider in the Web [top]

Ivanova: "You know how I feel about telepaths!"
Sheridan: "Do I ever. You throw one out a third-story window on Io..."
Ivanova: "There was an ample pool below the window."
Sheridan: "I'll assume you knew that!"

Garibaldi: "Tea just happens to be my third favorite thing in the Universe."


Soul Mates [top]

Sheridan: "People seem to be implying that I shouldn't get too comfortable."
G'Kar: "Oh, nonsense. It's not as if anyone expects you to ... uh ... vanish overnight under... mysterious circumstances to a strange Minbari post. Why, that would be unprecedented in this station's history..........."

Garibaldi: "Damn, I love being right."

Lady Timov: "Daggair! My, what a surprise."
Lady Daggair: "A Pleasant one?"
Lady Timov: "I wouldn't go that far."

Lady Timov: "The secret of our marriage's success, Londo, is our lack of communication."

G'kar: "If I were married to Londo Mollari, I would be concerned."
Lady Mariel: "G'kar, If you were married to Londo Mollari, we'd all be concerned."

Timov: "What's he hiding, Vir? Tell me... I won't bite, Vir!"
Vir: "With all due respect, Madame, that's not what I've heard."
Timov: "All right, that one time..."
Vir: "Twice."

Lady Daggair: "Timov, Timov. Why do you always draw me into your little verbal fencing matches?"
Lady Timov: "Because I don't have a real sword handy."

Delenn: "Commander. I want you to understand. I acquired human characteristics, to bring your people and mine closer together, to symbolize our mutuality. It is supposed to be a dignified and inspiring position for both Humans and Minbari. So will you please explain to me, why this ... this ... this...?"
Ivanova: "... hair ..."
Delenn: "... refuses to co-orporate!!"
Delenn: "Do you have any idea, Why I suddenly started getting these odd cramps?"

Garibaldi: "Garibaldi, head of security."
Matt Stoner: "Oh, so, if I am feeling insecure, then hugging you will make me feel better!"

Sheridan: "How long were you married?"
Talia: "Just long enough to know it was a mistake."

Garibaldi (threatening Talia's ex): "You'll be spaced so fast you'll think you were born in a vacuum."

Franklin: "Ambassador Mollari, do you mind if I make one personal observation?"
Londo: "No, not at all."
Franklin: "Stick it."
Londo: "How odd. I did not even know we were married."


A Race Through Dark Places [top]

Sheridan: "How many Minbari does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
Ivanova: "I don't know."
Sheridan: "None. They always surrender right before they finish the job, and they never tell you why!"

Delenn: "We do not have cats on Minbar, we have gogs."
Sheridan: "Gogs?"
Delenn: "Gogs. Such creatures are an attempt by the universe to make sure that we never take ourselves too seriously."

Sheridan: "Knock knock."
Ivanova: "Who's there?"
Sheridan: "Kosh."
Ivanova: "Kosh who?"
Sheridan: "Gesundheit!"

Ivanova: "Captain, either you snore, or last night we had a hell of a breach in the hull."

Sheridan: "I'm not saying what I'm saying. I'm not saying what I'm thinking. As a matter of fact, I not thinking, what I'm thinking."

Delenn: "The woman, who sold me this [dress], told me that I would definitely turn heads"
Sheridan: "Yeah, well, if they turn much farther, you would be sued for whiplash!"


The Coming of Shadows [top]

Lord Refa: "Mollari. What did he say, really?"
Londo: "He said ... that we are both damned."
Lord Refa: "Well, it's a small enough price to pay for immortality."

Sinclair: "Hello old friend."

Sinclair: "I'm in trusting this message to an associate of mine who is sworn to bring it to you at any cost -- including his own life. My job on the Minbari homeworld is more than just representing Earth. The President doesn't know about that part yet, and ... I don't think it would be wise of you to tell him. There's a great darkness coming, Michael. Some of the Minbari have been waiting for it a long time. The bearer of this message is one of my rangers. Some are Minbari. Most are humans. They have been drawn here to learn to work together and prepare for the fight ahead. Their job for new, is to patrol the frontier, to listen, to watch, and return with reports too sensitive to trust to regular channels. They are my eyes and ears. Where you see them, you see me. In the name of our friendship, I ask that you give them every courtesy and cooperation. I wish I could tell you more ... I wish I could warn you. But the others don't think it's time yet. Stay close to the Vorlon, and watch out for shadows. They move when you're not looking at them."

Franklin (speaking for Emperor Turhan): "He wanted to say, he is sorry."
G'kar: "What?"
Franklin: "He came all the way out here, risked his health, and endangered his life, so that he could stand beside a Narn, in neutral territory and apologize for all the things the Centauri have done to your people ... for all the things his family did. He said, 'We were wrong. The hatred between our people can never end, until someone is willing to say, I'm sorry.'"

Emperor Turhan: "How will this end..."
Kosh Naranek: "In fire."

Emperor Turhan: "The past taunts us, the present confuses us, and the future frightens us, and our lives slip away, moment by moment. Lost in the vast terrible inbetween. But there is still time to see that one last fragile moment."


GROPOS [top]

[I don't remember this one exactly]
Small guy "Wait till I get a ladder and then we fight eye to eye!"


All Alone in the Night [top]

Sheridan's Dream:
Ivanova: "Do you know who I am?"
Garibaldi: "The man inbetween is searching for you."
Ivanova: "You are the hand."
Sheridan: "Why are you here?"
Kosh Naranek: "We were never away. For the first time your mind is quiet enough to here me.
Sheridan: "Why am I here?"
Kosh Naranek: "You have always been here."

Acts of Sacrifice [top]

Franklin: "Well, you could put a bag over his head and do it for Babylon 5?"

Ivanova pretending to "have sex human style" with an alien to seal a contract:
Ivanova dances around and sings "Boom! Shubba-lubba-lubba. Boom! Shubba-lubba-lubba. Hey there, hey there, three bags full. You come here often? Yes, I do! Dinner! Shubba-lubba-lubba. Drinks! Shubba-lubba-lubba. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Grab. How do you like it so far?"
Correlilmurzon: "Well, I ..."
Ivanova sings "I slept with you the other night. You didn't call, you didn't write. I think you did it just for spite! Oh... yes... Oh, yes! Oh, yes! OH! YES!! Tell me about your portfolio! Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes!! YES!! Lie to me about your family! Oh, yes! Oh, Yes! Oh, YES! Yes!! Yes!! YES!! YEAAA!!! OH!!! Oh...! Oh... God you're good."
Correlilmurzon: "What do I do now??"
Ivanova: "Old style? You roll over and go to bed. New style? You go out for pizza and I never see you again."

Correlilmurzon's message: "Next time, my way!"


Hunter, Prey [top]

Kosh Naranek: "Can you help me to understand you?"

Kosh Naranek: "I will teach you."
Sheridan: "About yourself?"
Kosh Naranek: "About you. Until you are ready."
Sheridan: "For what?"
Kosh Naranek: "To fight legends.

Ivanova: "I won't submit to a scan."
Garibaldi: "They will charge you with insubordination."
Ivanova: "And I will be replaced and dishonorably discharged. A very Russian ending, I should have expected it."

Ivanova [about Kosh Naranek's Ship] "Sometimes, late at night, I just come here and watch it... If you look carefully, you can actually see the patterns in the skin changing slightly."

Sheridan: "What do you want?"
Kosh Naranek: "Never ask that question."

Kosh: I sought understanding. I listened to the song. Your thoughts became a song.

(Kosh agreed on letting Dr Jacobs hide inside the Vorlon ship, but only if he is unconcious. Later, as Jacobs leaves the ship:)
Sheridan: Dr. Jacobs, are you all right?
Jacobs: Yes, yes, fine. Strange... while I was asleep, the ship... it sang to me...


There All the Honor Lies [top]

Ivanova: "Another lesson?"
Sheridan: "Yeah."
Ivanova: "What this time?"
Sheridan: "Beauty in the dark."
Ivanova: "Must be working. You are beginning to talk just like a Vorlon."

(Londo about the B5-merchandise dolls)
Londo: "It's a mockery. It doesn't even have any ... uh-hum ... 'attributes'!"
Sheridan: "Attributes?"
Londo: "Do I have to spell it out for you???"

(Radar signal turns out to be a spaced "Babearlon 5" teddy bear)
Starfury pilot: "...I can't see anything!"

Ashan: "Whose side are you on?"
Lennier: "We are on the side of the truth. Is there another?"


And Now For a Word [top]

Delenn: "No one else would ever build a place like this. Humans share one unique quality, they build communities. If the Narns or the Centauri or any other race build a station like this, it would be used only by their own people. But everywhere Humans go, they create communities out of diverse and sometimes hostile populations. It is a great gift and a terrible responsibility. One that can not be abandoned."


In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum [top]

Delenn: "There are beings in the universe billions of years older than either of our races. Once, long ago, they walked among the stars like giants, vast and timeless. They taught the younger races, explored beyond the rim, created great empires. But to all things there is an end. Slowly, over a million years, the First Ones went away. Some passed beyond the stars, never to return. Some simply disappeared."

Delenn: "Listen to me. Aside from the Vorlons, we do not have the First Ones to help us this time. We are on our own! We will have only one chance to stop them, and if we fail, billions will die. There comes a moment when each of us must pledge himself to something greater than himself. You told G'kar, he had to decide between revenge and the good of his own people. Now you must make the same decision, Captain. It will be the most important decision of your life."

Delenn: "Not all of the First Ones have gone away. A few stayed behind, hidden or asleep, waiting for the day when they may be needed... when the Shadows come again."
Sheridan: "Shadows?"
Delenn: "We have no other name for them. The Shadows were old when even the Ancients were young. They battled one another over and over across a million years. The last great war against the Shadows was ten thousand years ago. It was the last time the Ancients walked openly among us. The Shadows were only defeated, not destroyed. A thousand years ago, the Shadows returned to their places of power, rebuilt them, and began to stretch forth their hand. Before they could strike, they were defeated by an alliance of worlds, including the Minbari... and the few remaining First Ones who had not yet passed beyond the Veil. When they had finished, the First Ones went away... all but one."

Delenn: "That is why Kosh cannot leave his encounter suit. He would be recognized."
Sheridan: "Recognized? By who?"
Kosh Naranek: "Everyone."

Dr. Franklin: "You know, when a patient starts to slip away... when he looks at you and his eyes grab of you, the way a draining man grabs hold of anything to kept from sinking... afraid... so afraid... And then just at the last, it's as if they look past you to something else, and the look on their face is like nothing you can describe. And then just as they look past you, the moment they look past you, you can't help but meet their gaze and just for an instant, you see God reflected in their eyes."

Morden: "What do you want?"
Vir: "I'd like to live just long enough to be there when they cut off your head and stick it on a pike as a warning to the next ten generations that some favors come with too high a price. I'd look up at your lifeless eyes and wave, like this. Can you and your associates arrange that for me, Mr. Morden?"

Talia [after meeting Morden]: "It was terrible, like falling into a bottomless well and cold, so cold and just for a second and I thought I saw this ..."
Franklin: "What, What did you see?"
Talia: "A shape. I don't know. It was probably nothing."

Kosh Naranek: "If you go to Z'ha'dum, you will die."
Sheridan: "Then I die, but I will not go easily and I do not go down alone. You will teach me?"
Kosh Naranek: "Yes."


Knives [top]

Sheridan: "Everything in order?"
Ivanova: "Remarkable so. It's beginning to worry me."

Garibaldi: "I mean, I once saw a whole chorus line of purple wombats doing show tunes in my bath tube. Of course, I was pretty drunk at the time."


Confessions and Lamentations [top]

Delenn: "Faith manages." *11

Delenn: "All life is transitory. A dream. We all come together in the same place, in the end of time. If I don't see you again here, I will see you in a little while, in the place where no shadows fall."


Divided Loyalties [top]

Sheridan: "Why is it every time you finally get things calm down and everything is going great, life decides to kick you in the butt?"
Delenn: "But...? But what?"
Sheridan: "What?"

Delenn: "Butt...butt. I butt, you butt, he or she butts..."
Sheridan: "No, it's a--"
Delenn: "Butt, butt, butt, butt."
Sheridan: "You sound like a motor boat!"
Delenn: "Motor butt?!"

[Ivanova kicks a cabinet.]
Talia: "That's one cabinet that won't threaten us again."
Ivanova: "Ah, I'm sorry. I just... It's been one of those days."

Talia: "You should see the look on your face ... my good and dear friend Susan."

Talia: "What's wrong Susan?"
Ivanova: "Damn it Talia, I don't know who I can trust anymore."
Talia: "That's funny. I felt the same way lately. So I have come to the decision, there is only one person on this station that I can trust implicitly ... you."

Talia: "You blew my cover! You're dead! You hear me you're dead!"
Sheridan: "Get her out of here. Put her under house arrest now! "
Talia: "The Corps is Mother! The Corps is Father! You're dead Lyta Alexander. We'll find you, the corps will find you!"


The Long, Twilight Struggle [top]

Draal: "This has been a hard tiring year. It might be helpful for you to know, that you are not alone. That in the long twilight struggle, which lies ahead of us there is possibility of hope."

G'Kar: "No Dictator, no invader can hold an imprisoned population by force of arms forever. There is no greater power in the universe than the need for freedom. Against that power governments and tyrants, and armies can not stand. The Centauri learned this lesson once, we will teach it to them again. Though it take a thousand years - we will be free."

Sheridan: "G'Kar, I know we have had our problems in the past. I can't imagine going into the council chambers and not seeing you there. Straight, tall, ready to argue with anyone about anything. I don't know I ... I don't think I want to go the next ten years without your insight or your words. For what it's worth, every resource that I have, every contact, any way that I can help you win back your planet, is yours.
G'Kar: "The last time I offered someone my hand, we were at war 24 hours later."

Delenn: "Abso-fragging-lutely damn it. Since our last discussion, I have been be studying your use of language! Do you approve?"
Sheridan: "Well, we'll talk about that later..."

Londo: "Mass drivers! They have been outlawed by every civilized planet!!"
Lord Refa: "These are uncivilized times."
Londo: "We have treaties!"
Lord Refa: "Ink on a page."

Londo: "From this day on, the penalty for murder of any Centauri by any Narn would be the execution of 500 Narns, including the perpetrators own family."

Sheridan: "Tell the other rangers, the ambassadors, everyone, this is the army of light. Babylon 5 stands with you. Tell them, tell them that from this place with will deliver notice to the parliaments of conquerors that a line has been draw against the darkness and we will hold that line no matter the cost."


Comes the Inquisitor [top]

Kosh Naranek: "We have sent for an Inquisitor."
Delenn: "An Inquisitor. Why?"
Kosh: "To be sure about you."

Delenn: "This body is only a shell. You cannot touch me. You cannot harm me. I'm not afraid."

Sebastian: "Have you nothing of your own? Nothing to stand on that is not provided, defined, delineated, stamped, sanctioned, numbered and approved by others? How can you be expected to fight for someone else when you haven't the barest idea of who you are?"

Sebastian: "How do you know the chosen ones? No greater love hath a man, then he lay down his life for his brother. Not for millions, not for gory, not for fame, for one person, in the dark. Where no one will ever know or see."

Sebastian: "Why are you here now, in this place, in this life?"
Delenn: "I was meant to be here."
Sebastian: "Meant? By who?"
Delenn: "I don't know."
Sebastian: "Then how can you be sure?"
Delenn: "I don't know."
Sebastian: "No, you don't!"
Delenn: "Doesn't matter!"
Sebastian: "What do you mean?"
Delenn: "If I believe I am here now for a reason ..."
Sebastian: "... and if the world says otherwise."
Delenn: "Then the world is wrong!"
Sebastian: "And Delenn is right?! Perhaps the world is right and Delenn is wrong. Have you ever considered that?""

Vir: "Sorry"
G'kar: "Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead Dead, Dead. How do you apoligize to them?"
Vir: "I can't"
G'kar: "Then I can not forgive."


The Fall of Night [top]

Keffer about the Shadow: "It was jet black... A shade of black your eye just slides off it... It shimmered when you looked at it... A spider big as death and twice as ugly... When it flies past, it's like you hear a scream in your mind... I saw it, too."

[Sheridan jumps out of the exploding train and falls...]
Delenn: "Kosh, you know what is at stake. If you are going to do anything you must do it now!"
[Kosh Naranek's encounter suit begins to open.]
Corwin: "Suiting up, we'll get there in 2 minutes."
Ivanova: "We don't have two minutes. You've got 30 seconds!"
Corwin: "We can't do it."
[Kosh floats up to catch Sheridan]
Lennier: "Valerian!"
Drazi Ambassador: "Droshalla!"
G'kar: "G'Lan!"
Sheridan: "Kosh?"
Kosh [nods]

[Kosh left his encounter suit to save Sheridan's life. Everybody saw him.]
Sheridan: ... why take that chance?
Kosh: It was...necessary.
Sheridan: Well as answers go, short, to the point, utterly useless and totally consistent with what I've come to expect from a Vorlon.
Kosh: Good.
Sheridan: You know, I just had a thought. You've been back and forth to your homeworld so many times since you got here, how do I know you're the same Vorlon? Inside that encounter suit you could be anyone.
Kosh: I have always been here.
Sheridan: Oh yeah. You said that about me, too.
Kosh: Yes.
Sheridan: "I really hate it when you do that."
Kosh Naranek: "Good."

Sheridan: "The whole station's talking about what happened. Every race that was in the garden saw something different... yet the same. A being of light."
Delenn: "Yes. Each according to his or her type."
Sheridan: "But it was Kosh, wasn't it? That's what he meant when he said, that if he left his encounter suit, he'd be recognized by ... everybody."
Delenn: "For millions of years, the Vorlons have visited other worlds, guided them and..."
Sheridan: "Manipulated us? Programmed us so that... when we saw them, we would react the right way?"
Delenn: "It is, as you say, a matter of perspective."

Drazi: "And you, Ambassador Mollari, what did you see?"
Londo: "Nothing. I saw ... nothing."



Epilogue: [top]

Ivanova: "It was the end of the Earth year 2259, and the war was upon us. As anticipated, a few days after the Earth Centauri treaty was announced, the Centauri widened their war to include many of the Non-Aligned Worlds. And there was another war brewing closer to home, a personal one whose cost would be higher than any of us could imagine."
Ivanova: "We came to this place because Babylon 5 was our last, best hope for peace. By the end of 2259, we knew that it had failed. But in so doing, it became something greater. As the war expanded, it became our last best hope... for victory. Because sometimes, peace is another word for surrender. And because secrets have a way of getting out."




Babylon 5 - Season 3 [top]


Ivanova: "The Babylon project was our last best hope for peace. It failed. But in the year of the shadow war, it became something greater, our last best hope for victory. The year is 2260, the place Babylon 5.

Intro in German:

Male voice: "Das Babylon Projekt war unsere letzte und einzige Hoffnung auf Frieden. Diese Hoffnung scheiterte. In dem Jahr, in dem der Krieg gegen die Schatten begann, wurde das Projekt zu etwas groesserem ... zu unserer einzigen und letzten Hoffnung auf den Sieg. Es ist das Jahr 2260. Ort der Handlung: Die Raumstation Babylon 5 ."



Matters of Honor [top]

Sheridan: "You know, I'm really getting a little tired of these unannounced visits by VIP's, who don't tell us why they are coming, or what they are going to do when they get here."
Ivanova: "Leave it to you to try to take all the fun out life. Ah, come on, where's your sense of mystery, adventure?"
Sheridan: "Are you trying to cheer me up??"
Ivanova: "No Sir! Wouldn't dream of it."
Sheridan: "Good! I hate being cheered up. It's depressing."
Ivanova: "Well in that case: We'll all going to die a horrible, painful, lingering death."
Sheridan: "Thank you. I feel so much better now."

Garibaldi: "I'm not authorized for that kind of information."
David Endawi: "But you are the head of security?"
Garibaldi: "Then what kind of head of security would I be if I let people like me know things that I'm not supposed to know? I know what I know because I have to know it. And if I don't have to know it, I don't tell me, and I don't let anyone else tell me either."

Marcus: "Her name is the WhiteStar and she is yours, Captain."

G'kar: "They came to our world over a 1000 of your years ago. Long before we went to the stars ourselves. They set up a base on one of our southern continents. They took little interest in us. G'Quan believed they were engaged in a war far outside our own world."


Convictions [top]

Londo: "I am afraid that if I try go back and figure it out, then I will start bleeding from my ears."

Zack: "Ok, so here's how this-- what are you doing?"
Drazi: "Droshala visitation means station blessed. Everything here blessed. You also blessed. We touch to share your blessing."
Zack: "Ah, Don't poke me, I don't like it. I don't want to share my blessing! Okay... You see that plant over there? Now, that was in the garden when your people saw this Drabawa--"
Drazi: "Droshala!!"
Zack: "Right. Anyway, it was real close, so it's gotta be more blessed than me. So here. Why don't you go poke the plant for a while, while I take care of your entry visas, okay?"

Londo [to Lennier in a coma] "I heard a joke today. I probably should not repeat it. But who are you going to tell. Hmm? How many Centauri does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one - But in the great old days of the republic, hundreds of servants would change a thousand light bulbs at a slightest whim!!"

Franklin [to Lennier in a coma] "How many Centauri does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one - but in the great old days--"
Lennier [wakes up] "... in the great old days of the republic, hundreds of servants would live to change a thousand light bulbs at a slightest whim."

[Trapped in burning elevator]
Londo: "Kill me, now, kill me!"
G'kar: "You forget the terms of our surrender. The penalty for the killing of any Centauri, by any Narn, will be the death of five hundred Narns, including perpetrators own family!!! But I don't have to kill you. [laughs] I don't have to do anything, and I still get to watch you die. I find this most appealing."

[Trapped in burning elevator]
Londo: "We're in here!! Can anyone hear us!?"
G'kar [in a small voice]: "I hear you." [giggles]
Londo: "In here!!"
G'kar [in a small voice, mimicking]: "We're in here." [laughs]

[Trapped in burning elevator with Londo]
G'kar sings: Not many fishes are left in the sea. Not many fishes... just Londo and me."*7

[While being rescued from burning elevator]
Londo "There you see! I am going to live."
G'kar: "So it would seem. Well, it is an imperfect universe."
Londo: "Bastard."
G'kar: "Monster."
Londo: "Fanatic."
G'kar: "Murderer."
Londo: "You are insane!"
G'kar: "And that is why we'll win."
Londo: "Go be the ambassador to Babylon 5. It will be an *easy* assignment. Oh, I hate my life."
G'kar: "So do I."
Londo: "Shut up!"


A day in the Strife [top]

Ivanova: "If I live through this job, without completely losing my mind, it will be a miracle of biblical proportions!"
Corwin: "Well there goes my faith in the Almighty.

Ivanova: "Always finding the good in every situation, eh Captain?"
Sheridan: "Absolutely. If I didn't, I might end up like you."
Ivanova: "Hey, what's that supposed to mean? Did anybody hear that? Did you hear that?"
Corwin: "No, Commander."
Ivanova: "Good. I swear, if we live through this, somebody's going to find their shower preferences reprogrammed to ice water..."

Ivanova: "I don't want to get killed because of a typo. It'd be embarrassing."


Passing Through Gethsemane [top]

Brother Edward: "I always wanted to know, if I would have the courage to stay at the garden at Gethesemane. Now I know."

Brother Theo: "Faith manages." *11

Garibaldi: "Nobody has every been to the Vorlon home world and back again. But she [Lyta] goes and comes back, just like a trip to the corner store and now she is working for Kosh. Is anybody as creeped out about this as I am?"

Lyta: "I'm not with the Corps anymore. That means I am not bound by their rules. So if someone where to turn me in, I'd find him, and before they took me, I'd plant a nightmare deep in his mind, where no else could find or remove it. And that person would spend every night for the rest of his life screaming!"

Londo: "Lyta Alexander, as I live and breathe ..."
Lyta: "I suggest you remove your hand, ambassador, or you won't be doing either for very long."


Voices of Authority [top]

Draal [stepping out of Great Machine] "Hmm, I must remember to dust myself once and while."

Draal: "A daring and splendid idea. In doing so, you will see things, no human has ever seen before. It will be fun. Assuming you are not vaporized, dissected, or otherwise killed in an assortment of supremely horrible and painful ways. Exciting, isn't it!"

Draal: "I don't like surprises."
Ivanova: "Really!? I love them myself. To me everything is a surprise. You're a surprise. This place is a surprise. You see this, a paper cut. It hurts like hell. Anyone else would be upset, but to me it's just one more wonderful surprise. I mean I even surprise myself sometimes. So I guess there is nothing wrong with me surprising you."

Draal: [laughs] "I like you. You're trouble."
Ivanova: "Why thank you. That's the nicest thing anyone has said about me in days."

Marcus: "The Minbari taught me: Claim victory in your heart and the Universe will follow."
Ivanova: "Fine. great. Claim victory in your heart and up your ..."

Ivanova: "Don't you have anything to do?"
Marcus: "Nope, I'm all yours."

Ivanova: "I am not letting them leave without saying yes."
Marcus: "Really? How do you propose stopping them? Perhaps a big red and white sign with the word 'stop' on it?? I'll put a bucket on my head and pretend to be the ancient Vorlon god Boogee--"
Ivanova: "--That's it!"
Marcus: "Fine. I'll get a bucket."
Ivanova: "No, I meant the Vorlons! Open a comm channel, now!"

[Ivanova tries negotiating with the First Ones]
First Ones: "Vorlons Tavutna Chog!"
Marcus: "I think you just hit a nerve. The Vorlons must owe them money or something..."
Ivanova: "At least it tells us that they understand our language. They are just not willing to speak to us in it."
Marcus: "Who knew they were French. Sorry."

First Ones: "Zog!"
Ivanova: "Zog? What do you mean, Zog? Zog what? Zog yes? Zog no?"

First Ones: "When it is time, come to this place. Call our name. We will be here."

Ivanova: "Good luck Captain. I think you are about to go, where everyone has gone before."

Garibaldi: "He hates me. They all hate me. That's why they are doing this. To make me crazy."

President Clark: "I wanted Santiago dead for so long. I wasn't sure we could really pull it off. You're sure it's done?"
Morden: "EarthForce 1 will never return from Io. The power is now yours, Clark -- Mr. President."

G'kar: "I told you, I could help. The book of G'Quan. Read it. We'll talk afterwards."
Garibaldi: "I don't read Narn."
G'kar: "Learn."

Sheridan: "And when exactly did all this happen?"
Musanta: "When we rewrite the dictionary."

Zack: "I look like I'm wearing a circus tent. Any minute now, a little teeny car with sixteen clowns in it is gonna flying out of my butt..."

Ivanova: "Anything else you need?"
Sheridan: "A glass of whiskey, a gun, and two bullets."
Ivanova: "Understood."


Dust to Dust [top]

Lennier: "A darkness carried in the heart can not be cured by moving the body from one place to another."

Vir: "Londo, Are... Are you deliberately trying to drive me insane?"
Londo: "The universe is already mad. Anything else would be redundant"

Ivanova: "What am I supposed to do?"
Sheridan: "Fight them without becoming them."

Ivanova: "Everyone clear the command deck now! I have to run a maintenance routine. It will take about ten minutes. Get some tea or something."

Kosh Naranek (as G'Lan): "You have the opportunity here and now to choose to become something greater and nobler and more different than you have been before. The Universe does not offer such chances often, G'kar."
G'kar: "Why now? Why not earlier? All this time where have you been?"
Kosh (as G'Lan): "I have always been here."

Bester: "We learned some interesting things about Ms Winters in the course of her debriefing and dissect-- that is, examination."

Franklin on Bester: "I will not support murder. We can not kill him."
Ivanova: "Can we wound him? Just a little?"
Sheridan: "Ivanova!"

Bester: "I am here to save your butts. Next time show a little gratitude"
Franklin: "On the other hand, maybe wounding him isn't such a bad idea after all."

G'kar: "Who would have believed it - The great and powerful Londo got his job because no one else was stupid enough to take it."


Exogenesis [top]

Marcus: "The gracious Duncan, asleep by the gate. Me thinks I hear a voice cry, 'Sleep no more! Marcus does murder sleep'."
Duncan: "You're a madman, you know?"

Garibaldi: "Don't you ever shut up?"
Marcus: "Not until I get what I want. Why, do you think silent meditation would work better?"
Garibaldi: "Ivanova's right. You are a pain in the ass."

Franklin: "Marcus, You are so far from being her type, that your practically in different galaxies. Ok?"

Vindrizi: "It says we were created half a million years ago, bred to be the living records of all those we have seen and touched. For all time we have traveled through the galaxy in our host bodies. We have seen double sunsets on worlds so far away you have no name for them. We remember music that was played before your kind learned to speak. Within us is the living memory of deeds and stories, civilizations, passions, wars, and struggles, and great beauty. But in time, even we die, unless we find shelter within other living beings. So we seek out those who have nothing to look forward to, those whose lives are at an end, those who know they would never be more than they are now. Those who would never know beauty, or peace, or purpose, and we give them that. Through us, they are born into a new life."


Messages from Earth [top]

Marcus: "So, I went to the effort of preparing this chart. Now then, here's you, right here at the heart of everything and why not. And here is me. This is the captain, and here's Franklin. Here's my mom and dad. There don't actually have anything to do with it. It's a very good picture of them, don't you think?"
Ivanova: "Marcus--"
Marcus: "I actually think I have come up with a way to explain the organization structure of Babylon 5 using the Ottoman empire as a model. It gets a little confusing around this bit here, but one has to start somewhere."

Marcus: "Did I mention that my nose is on fire? And that I have fifteen wild badgers living in my trousers? I'm sorry, would you prefer ferrets?"

Sheridan: "Full power! Give me everything you've got!"
Lennier: "If I were holding anything back, I would tell you."

Delenn: "In Valen's name. It's Awake!"

Garibaldi: "You know what they say, No good deed goes unpunished." *6

G'kar (in prison): "Sometimes I even sing."
Garibaldi: "I know, we got a petition."
G'kar: "For or against?."
Garibaldi: "Based on the sound, they think we are torturing you in here."
G'kar (laughs): "Sit down, Mr. Garibaldi. You know, a true artist is never appreciated in his time."
Garibaldi: "Or his own cell block..."

Marcus: "There is always the threat of an attack by, say, a giant space dragon, that kind that eats the sun every thirty days. It's a nuisance, but what can you expect from reptiles"

Garibaldi: "But where in my contract does it say that I have to eat the same food for breakfast everyday for three years??!"
Sheridan: "Paragraph 47, subsection 19, cause 9a. You can find it in the index under S.U.A.E.I."
Garibaldi: "S.U.A.E.I.??"
Sheridan and Ivanova: "Shut up and eat it."

Sheridan: "... and right now, more than anything else in the world I wish it would rain. Just for a little while."
Delenn: [speaks Minbari]
[Sounds of rain!]


Point of No Return [top]

Vir: "I thought the purpose of filing these reports was to provide accurate intelligence--?"
Londo: "Vir, Intelligence has nothing to do with politics."

Sheridan: "Always plant a lie inside the truth. It makes it easier to swallow."

Lady Morella: "You have a chance few others will every have Mollari. You still have 3 opportunities to avoid the fire that waits for you at the end of your journey. You have already wasted two others. You must save the eye that does not see. You must not kill the one who is already dead. And at the last, you must surrender yourself to your greatest fear, knowing that it will destroy you. Now if you have failed all the others, that is final chance for redemption."
Londo: "I, um, don't understand."
Lady Morella: "The future reveals itself only reluctantly ambassador. Take the sign for what it is. Look for it when it appears."
Londo: "I will. Thank you."
Lady Morella: "One more thing. You will be emperor. That part of your destiny can not be avoided."
Londo: "I see."
Lady Morella (to Vir): "You will also be emperor."
[Vir laughs.]
Lady Morella: "Why are you laughing?"
Vir: "I thought you were joking."
Lady Morella: "We do not joke in the face of prophecy."
Londo: "Lady Morella please. We can not both be emperor."
Lady Morella: "Correct. One of you will become emperor after the other is dead. It is all we see and all we wish to see."

Londo: "'One of you will become emperor after the other dies' ... Nonsense."
Vir: "Of course! [They both laugh] I've made some dinner."
Londo: "I'm not hungry"
Vir: "You're not saying that you don't trust me anymore are you, Londo? I made your favorite, Spoo."
Londo: "I'll order in."

Sheridan: "It's funny, I... I wish Delenn were here."


Severed Dreams [top]

Delenn: "This is Ambassador Delenn of the Minbari. Babylon 5 is under our protection. Withdraw -- Or be destroyed."
Captain Drake: "Negative. We have authority here. Do not force us to engage your ship."
Delenn: "Why not? Only one human captain has ever survived battle with Minbari fleet. He is behind me. You are in front of me. If you value your lives, be somewhere else."

Delenn: "We stand between the candle and the star, between the darkness and the light."


Ceremonies of Light And Dark [top]

Marcus: "You see. It's like I always say, you can get more with a kind word and a 2-by-4, then you can with just a kind word."

Marcus: "Because if you don't, then in five minutes I will be the only person at this table still standing. [man laughs] Five minutes after that, I will be the only person in this room still standing."
[man laughs again]
[later, after the melee]
Marcus: "Bugger! Now, I have to wait for someone to wake up."

Lennier: "Do not touch me in that fashion. We may sometimes look like you, but we are not ... you! Never forget that."

Garibaldi: "Computer?"
Sparky the AI: "Hey, what are you looking at?"
Garibaldi: "Run diagnostics."
Sparky the AI: "What you got, a broken arm or something? I've got a station to run here."
Ivanova: "Computer!!"
Sparky the AI: "Fine, I'll do a diagnostic. So maybe level 42 doesn't get it's quota of oxygen for today..."

Sparky the AI: "You know, your looking very stressed. This is not good. Hey how about something to eat, maybe a nice piece of brisket. You'll suck an orange."
Garibaldi: "Would somebody please fix this thing, before I go out of my mind?"

Sparky the AI [through speaker in elevator]: "Uh, not that my bruised feelings would have any meaning for you, but why are you having these people poke me all over the place. I'm a perfectly reasonable artificial personality. Nobody has ever complained before, but I guess some people just aren't happy unless they are messing it up for everyone else. You know you really should stand up straight. Your mother and I have been worried about this for years. We have been trying to talk with you about it, but --"
[Garibaldi shoots the speaker]

Delenn: "Yes. You have lost much, endured much, sacrificed greatly, but you cling to the memory of your sacrifices of all the things you have lost or left behind. They drag behind you like chains of your own making. They can have a terrible power over you, Marcus. The power of grief, and loss, and regret. Yes, you have let go of the people, the places, the things, but you have not let go of the pain. You have not forgiven yourself."
Marcus: "For what?"
Delenn: "Being alive." *5

Sheridan [funeral speech]: "From the stars we came and to stars we return, from now until the end of time. We therefore commit these bodies to the deep."

Londo: "Only an idiot fights a war on two fronts. Only the heir to kingdom of idiots would fight a war on twelve fronts."

Ivanova: "This is commander Susan Ivanova. Serial Number Z48M27epsilon. Security code: Griffin"
Sheridan: "This is captain John J. Sheridan. Serial number XO7Y39alpha. Security code: Obsidian."
Garibaldi: "This is chief warrant office Michael Garibaldi. Serial Number V17L98. Security Code: Peekaboo."
Ivanova: "'Peek-a-boo'???"
Garibaldi: "Would you have guessed it?"

Lord Refa: "Oh, Londo, you are a fool. You walk away from the greatest power I have ever seen, and now you expect me to do the same. They are the key to my eventual rise to the throne. Why would I abandon them?"
Londo: "Because I have asked you to. And because your loyalty to our people would be greater than your ambition. And - because I have poisoned your drink. It is a very interesting poison. It comes in two parts. Both are harmless, on their own, but when combined they are quite lethal. The first settles into the blood stream, and the intestinal walls. It stays there for years, silent, dormant, waiting. When the other half of the poison enters the body, the two meet, have a party in your cardio-vascular system and suddenly... you are quite dead."

Marcus: "Well. They said I was carrying around a lot of repressed anger.
Lennier: "And?"
Marcus: "I'm not repressing it anymore."

Lennier: "My love, Delenn, is not quite what you may think. It is not romantic love as you consider it. It something higher and nobler, a pure perfect love if you will."

Ivanova: "I think I loved Talia."

Sheridan to Delenn "I realized, I never told you how much I care about you, how much you mean to me. I think it's time you knew that."


Sic Transit Vir [top]

Londo [hunting bugs in his quarters] "If you see something this big with eight legs coming your way, let me know, I have to kill it before it develops language skills.

Sheridan: "You know, back home we have old saying: Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die."
Delenn: "Humans can be a very depressing people."

Ivanova: "You're late."
Vir: "I am sorry. I was otherwise engaged. Engaged and married as it is. Not that I knew about it..."
Ivanova: "You're not making sense."
Vir: "I imagine I'm not, but that's the kind of day I'm having."

Vir: "There were other women, but I never got past 'one'."
Ivanova: "You mean first base?"
Vir: "No, no, I mean 'one'. You see we have 'six...' Uh. We have six, you see and each one is a different level of intimacy and pleasure, so first you have 'one', that's-- na-naa, and there is 'two', and by the time you get to 'five' it's like--"
Ivanova: "Vir, I got it, I got it, I got it. Uh, um, I really don't know what to tell you Vir. I mean, I never really got this relationship thing down myself, so I am the last person in the world who should be giving out advise on this sort of thing... All I can say is that enthusiasm, sincerity, genuine compassion, and humor can carry you through any ... lack of prior experience with ... high numerical value."
Vir: "Wow. I'm going to remember that. Thank you, thank you!"
Ivanova [sighs]: "Six!?"

Vir: "If kisses could kill, that one would have flatten several small towns...

Centauri Minister: "What is more dangerous than a locked room full of angry Narns?"
Vir: "I don't know. What is more dangerous than a locked room full of angry Narns?"
Centauri Minister: "One angry Narn with the key."

Sheridan [at dinner]: "I hope that's the right kind of table. I don't do much entertaining here. I usually just grab a bite on my way in."
Delenn: "It's fine, I didn't come for the decor."
Sheridan: "Well, I hope you didn't come for the cuisine either, ... because unlike Mr. Garibaldi, I am not exactly a gourmet cook. But, what I lack in finesse, I make up in proportions! Barely eatable - but lots of it!"

Sheridan: "I'd like to see you tonight."
Delenn (laughs): "Are you not seeing me *now*? I would think you would see me every time we meet. Unless I have become translucent or insubstantial and no one has thought to inform me until now?"


A Late Delivery from Avalon [top]

Arthur: "You don't believe I am who I say I am."

Marcus (refering to Kosh Naranek): "Next thing you'll be saying is he's NOT Merlin."
Franklin: "I am not hearing this."
Marcus: "They say he aged backward. That was how he was able to foretell the future, by remembering it. Which means he came from the future. Maybe he had Arthur form the round table by remembering us. We're forming one of our own after all. Which makes you Parcival. I'm Galahad, him being sinless and all. Sheridan as Arthur. Ivanova perhaps Gawain. I think we both know who Mordred is. So the question is: Who is Morgan Le Fay?"

G'kar: "They were The Bad Guys as you say. We were The Good Guys, and they made a very satisfying thump when they hit the floor!"

Garibaldi: "What are you so nervous about? We went up against entire earth alliance and two carrier groups!"
Security Officer: "Yeah, but - this is the post office! This could get us in real trouble."

Franklin: "You know, I was noticing that pin you wear. All the other Rangers wear one just like it, but I don't know what it means."
Marcus: "The two figures on either side, one human, the other Minbari. They blend together in the middle to signify the two halves of our souls uniting against the common enemy."
Franklin: "This jewel?"
Marcus: "The Minbari call that Isil'zha, means 'the future', 'birth', 'beginning', 'dawn of a new age'."

Franklin: "What else did they teach you?"
Marcus: "Delight. Respect. Compassion. That for you actions to be pure they must proceed from direction, determination, patience, and strength. I am afraid, I am still working on patience. They taught me how to live, how to breathe, how to fight, and how to die. And they taught me terror. How to use it and how to face it."
Franklin: "I think I would like to hear more about that."
Marcus: "No, you wouldn't."

Marcus: "You know, I used to think it was awful that life was so unfair. Then I thought, wouldn't it be much worse if life were fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them? So, now I take great comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the universe."


Ship of Tears [top]

Bester: "She's the only thing I have, Captain. The only thing I care about. I promised her, I would take care of her and the baby. It's the only promise I've ever made that I means a damn to me."

G'kar (reading from the Book of G'Quan): "And the spirit of darkness moved upon the land. It screamed in the dreams of the Mind Walkers and they fell, destroyed by it, to children, and their children's children. Then did the darkness come to Narn, until it was driven out by G'Quan and the last of the surviving Mind Walkers."

Sheridan: "So how did you find out about all this?"
Bester: "I'm a telepath. Work it out."

Bester: "You know, if this keeps up, I'm going to start thinking the people around here just don't like me."

Bester: "Kill me and you will never know what brought me all the way out here. I think if you weight that against the brief satisfaction of blowing me out of the sky, you'll do the right thing. ... Captain?"
Sheridan: "I'm thinking it over."

Bester: "There's an old saying, The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Ivanova: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
Sheridan: "You sound dubious."

(Garibaldi read about the Shadows in the Narn "Bible")
Garibaldi: "I've got it. I've got it. I've got it. It's right here. It's right here!!"
G'Kar: "Do not thump the book of G'Quon! It is disrespectful."


Interludes and Examinations [top]

Morden: "Anything I can do to help?"
Vir: "Hmmm, short of... dying? No, can't think of a thing."

Sheridan to Kosh Naranek: "Don't turn your back on me! Don't you even try to walk away from me! Just who the hell do you think you are?! Oh wait, I know what you think you are, what you want us to believe. But I don't buy it. For three years now, you've been pulling everyone's strings, getting us to do all the work and you haven't done a damn thing but stand there and look cryptic! Well, it's about time you started pulling your own weight around here!"
Kosh Naranek: "Incorrect. Leave now!"
Sheridan: "No."
Kosh: "Disobedience!"
Sheridan: "Up yours!"

Kosh Naranek: "But there is a price to pay. I will not be there to help you when you go to Z'ha'dum"
Sheridan: "Yeah, you already said that if I go to Z'ha'dum I'll die."
Kosh: "Yes. Now."

Kosh Naranek: "You do not understand, but you will."

Kosh Naranek (in a dream, as Sheridan's father): "I don't have much time son."
(Shadows attack Kosh.)
Kosh: "I want you to know. You were right. I did not want to admit that. Just pride I guess. You get my age, you get kind of set in your ways. It had to be done. Don't blame yourself for what happened later."
(Shadows continue to attack Kosh.)
Sheridan: "Dad, are you all right?"
Kosh: "It's to late for me. I'm sorry for what I did before. I knew what was ahead. I guess. I guess, I was afraid. When you have lived as long as I have, you kind of get used to it. I wish I could have done more for you. There is so much I should have said. Now it is too late. You're right. It's time you began fighting this war your way."
(Shadows continue to attack Kosh.)
Kosh: "I've got to go now, John."
Sheridan: "No, no, don't leave!"
Kosh: "It's all right son. See, as long as you're here, I'll always be here."
(The shadows kill Kosh Naranek!)
Sheridan: "Kosh! Kosh!"

Morden: "My associates might turn their eye towards your home world."
Londo: "Then we shall pluck it out."

Sheridan: "Every day people around here start talking more and more like Kosh."


War Without End I [top]

Zathras: "Can not say. Saying, I would know. Do not know, so can not say."

Zathras: "Draal gave Zathras list of things not to say. This was one. No. Hmm, not good. Not supposed to mention one or the one. Oh. Uh, you never heard that."

Zathras: "Yes, yes, Zathras is used to being beast of burden to other people's needs. Very sad life. Probably have very sad death. But at least there is symmetry. Go, go, Zathras take care."

Zathras: "Very damaged. Zathras can never have anything nice."

Zathras: "Zathras understand. No. Zathras not understand, but Zathras do. Zathras good at doings, not understandings. Zathras honored to meet you for many reasons."

Sheridan: "Well, when I joined Earthforce the sign said, 'Greatest adventure of all'. If they only knew."

Ivanova: "I'll be in the car."

Marcus: "Assuming a worst case scenario."
Sheridan: "Ah, the way things have been going lately, I have decided to start taking Ivanova lessons."

Marcus: "The only way to get a straight answer out of a Ranger was to look at every reply in a mirror, while hanging upside down from the ceiling"
Sheridan: "Did it work?"
Marcus: "Oddly enough, yes. Or after a while you passed out and had a vision. Either way, the result was pretty much the same."

Sheridan: "Well as my great grandfather used to say - cool"

Londo: "During your little war, you drove away the shadows. Oh yes. But you did not think to clean up your mess! If a few of their minions, their dark servants, came to Centauri Prime, well. Where is the harm in that? Yes."

Corwin: "Commander that's your voice."
Ivanova: "Can't be."
Corwin: "Computer voice scan confirms it."
Ivanova (in mayday received through time anomaly): "Can anyone helps us? This is commander Susan Ivanova of Babylon 5 to any ships in grid Epilson. We are under attack. I repeat we are under attack. The captain is dead. Defense grid is down. They're boarding us. They're coming in all over the place. We tried to evacuate as many as we can. Garibaldi has rigged the fusion reactor, but ... Oh my god, here they come. Switch to external cameras. [Shadow vessels] They got weapons locked. Here it comes. Here it comes!" (screams)

Minbari aid on Minbar (to Embassador Sinclair): "The ancient books taught us, on this day, no sooner, no later, we were to enter the sanctuary and to open this (referring to a box). We did not know what was inside. It has waited, locked and sealed for over nine hundred years. We do not understand how or why, we know only that it is. How did he know that you would be here? How did he know your name?"

Sinclair: "All my life, I have had doubts about who I am, where I belong. Now I'm like the arrow that springs from the bow. No hesitation, no doubts. The path is clear."

Vorlon: "He is the closed circle. He is returning to the beginning."

Sinclair: "Hello Michael. By the time you get this I should be long gone. I'm sorry I could not tell you that I was here. Sorry I could not see you, but I told you what was up you would want to come along, even knowing the price and I can't allow that. But I had to leave something. I could not leave without saying goodbye. You see Michael, I won't be coming back from Babylon 4 and if you went with me, you would not make it back either."

Sinclair: "Good bye, old friend."

Delenn (shows videos from the past of her people): "Our greatest star base, the center of our efforts in the war, had been destroyed by the Shadows. Without a long range base of operations from which to launch our forces, we were doomed to loss the war. Then, as if an answer to our prayers, a replacement arrived."
Sheridan: "Babylon 4!!?"

Delenn: "As Babylon 4 neared completion, the allies of the Shadows recognized it for what it was and sent these ships to destroy it. Striking without warning, they would have succeeded in their attack. But, something stopped them."
Sheridan: "The White Star?!"
Marcus: "Delenn. Are you saying that *we* stole Babylon 4?!"

Delenn: "If we fail to save Babylon 4, then Babylon 5 will also be destroyed."

Delenn: "John, with Babylon 4, we will be able to save my people and yours. It has already been done. All we have to do now is make sure that we do it then."

Garibaldi: "So Ivanova, want me to bring you back anything from the future? Some bagels, fresh milk?"
Ivanova: "How about the winning numbers of the New Vegas Lottery?"

Sinclair: "Ready?"
Delenn: "Why do your people always ask if someone is ready right before you're going to do something massively unwise?"
Sinclair: "Tradition."


War Without End II [top]

Zathras: "All Minbari belief is around three. Three castes: Worker, Warrior, religious. Three languages. Light, Dark, and Gray. The nine of the gray council, three times three. All is three, as you are three, as you are one, as you are The One. You are The One who was (Sinclair). You are The One who is (Delenn). You are The One who will be (Sheridan). You are the beginning of the story (Sinclair) and the middle of the story (Delenn), and the end of story (Sheridan), that creates the next great story. In heart you know what Zathras say is true."

Zathras: "Zathras is oldest living caretaker of Great Machine. One hundred ten years old. Ha ha."

Zathras: "Not good. Malfunction."

Zathras: "Not the One."

Zathras: "No one every listens to Zathras. Quite mad they say. It is good that Zathras does not mind. Has even grown to like it. Oh, yes."

Zathras: "Can not run out of time. There is infinite time. You are finite. Zathras is finite. And This ... this is wrong tool. No. No, not good. No. No. Never use this."

Ivanova: "Marcus we are stealing a station to fight in a war that was over thousand years ago. We are all mad."

(Ivanova is looking for a computer console to break into B4)
Marcus: "Right now would be the worst time to be discovered, so it was logical it would happen now. Like I said I don't believe in luck. (Accidentally hits a console behind him with fighting pike, cover opens) On the other hand??"

Sinclair (as Valen): "I welcome you and present this place to as a gift. I am called Valen and we have much work ahead of us."

Marcus: "Dear god -- 'a Minbari not born of Minbari'....!"

Londo (to Sheridan in the future): "We all have our keepers, you see?"
Londo (after his Keeper fell asleep): "You will excuse me, if I do not stand. I have had considerable to drink. It is the only way that we can be alone."
Londo: "There is the legacy of your war! The price we paid when you abandoned us to the enemies you escaped from!"
Sheridan: "This couldn't have happened, not in this amount of time. What year is this?"
Londo: "This is the last year, and the last day, and the last hour of your life. Seventeen years since you began your great crusade, seventeen!"
Londo: "You are there, my old friend?"
G'kar: "Yes."
Londo: "We have unfinished business between us, G'kar. Let's us make and end of it quickly."

Delenn (to Sheridan in the future): "Our Son is safe..."
Sheridan: "Son?"
Delenn: "...That's all that matters. John, I love you."

Delenn (in the present): "It was the strangest feeling. I think the way you describe it is, as if someone had just walked over my grave."

Delenn: "The war is never completely won. There are always new battles to be fought against the darkness, only the names change. But we achieved everything, we set out to achieve. We created something, that will endure for a thousand years. But the price John, the terrible, terrible price."

Delenn: "John, listen to me. Do not go to Z'ha'dum."


Walkabout [top]

(The new Vorlon Ambassador arrives)
Kosh Ulkesh: "We are all Kosh."

G'kar: "It's a strange thing, but every sentient race has it own version of these swedish meatballs. I suspect it's one of those great universial mysteries, which will either never be explained or which would drive you mad if you every learned the truth."

Franklin: "Now I got to fix it."
Garibaldi: "How?"
Franklin: "By going walkabout. You just leave everything and you start walking. The Foundation adopted the idea from the aborigines back on Earth. The theory is, if you are separated from yourself, you start walking and you kept walking, until you meet yourself. Then you sit down and you have a long talk. You talk about everything that you've learned and everything that you felt. You talk until you have run out of words. Now that is vital. 'Cause, the real important things can't be said. Then, if you are lucky, you look up and there is just you. Then you can go home."

Grey 17 is Missing [top]

Lennier: "I'm trying to avoid breaking a promise, by breaking a promise...."

Garibaldi: "I like mysteries, but I hate grey sector. I swear it's like the Centauri triangle in there!"

Tech: "I am telling you, it's like he vanished into thin air!"
Garibaldi: "Thin air? Why is it always thin air? Never fat air, chubby air, mostly-fit-could-stand-lose-a-few-pounds air??"
Tech: "I'm sorry sir, but that is not my department."

Neroon: "They build, you pray. We fight."

Neroon to Marcus: "I've just broken two of your ribs. (hits Marcus again) Sorry, make that three."

Marcus: "I am a ranger! We walk in the dark places no others will enter. We stand on the bridge and no one may pass. We live for the One. We die for the One!"

[Neroon visits Marcus in the MedLab after nealy killing him.]
Neroon: "Perhaps it is true what Delenn said. That we are not of the same blood, but we are of the same heart."
Marcus [weakly]: "The next time .. the next time .. you want a revelation .. could you possibly find a way .. that isn't .. quite so .. uncomfortable?"
Neroon [laughs out loud]!


And the Rock Cried Out 'No Hiding Place' [top]

Londo (hits a guard): "Sometimes I think they choose guards for the amount of bone content in their head..."

Gospel Preacher: "You know, before I got married, Emily came by some times to help me clean out my apartment. Well, I asked her, how come you are so eager to help clean up my place, when you place is just as bad. She said, because cleaning up your place helps me to forget what a mess I have made of mine, and when I sweep my floor, all I have done is sweep my floor, but when I help you clean up your place, I am helping you. Of course, the way I lived back then sometimes the mess was too much for both of us, but it sure was nice to have the company."

Gospel Preacher: "When your worry-tank gets full, people stop coming to you, cause they don't want to add to it. You have to empty out your worry-tank once in a while, or just get more isolated."

Brother Theo: "I can only assume someone has been spray painting the word 'idiot' on my back again."

Brother Theo: "He said something nice about me! I must write this down in my diary."

[Sheridan analysing Shadow strategies]
Delenn: "So, you have been trying to think logically about illogical possibilities and illogically about logical possibilities? No wonder you are cranky."

Delenn: "I looked up the word cranky, it said crouchy. I looked up crouchy, it said crotchetchy. No wonder you such a eccentric culture. No word has its own meaning, you have to look up one word to understand another. It never ends."


Shadow Dancing [top]

Ivanova: "Then we'll see you, when we see you."

Ivanova: "Someday, I like to be stationed somewhere with a big 4-poster bed, canopy, and maybe window with a view of a garden."
Marcus: "I like gardens ... and big 4-poster beds."

Marcus (in Minbari): "You're the most beautiful women, I've ever met."

Ivanova: "Well, who wants to live forever..."*13
Marcus: "I do, actually. But, what the hell."

Sheridan: "An old friend of mine once quoted me an ancient Egyptian blessing: 'God be between you and harm in all the empty places where you must walk.'"

(Franklin gets attacked deadly during his walkabout)
Franklin's hallucination to Franklin: "You're to busy dying, aren't you? I guess that's a little more important to you right now."

Sheridan: "You had to find your own way?"
Franklin: "I ran away. I realized that I always defined myself in terms of what I wasn't. I wasn't a good soldier, like my father. I wasn't ... the job. I wasn't a good prospect for marriage or kids. Always what I wasn't, never what I was. But when you do that, you miss the moments. And the moments are all we've got. When I thought I was going to die, even after everything, I realized I didn't want to let go. I was willing to do it all over again and this time I could appreciate the moments. I can't go back, but I can appreciate what I have right now, and I can define myself by what I am, instead of what I'm not."
Sheridan: "And what are you?"
Franklin: "Alive. Everything else is negotiable."

Garibaldi: "I just hope you found what you were looking for out there."
Franklin: "I don't know. I guess I found what I needed, not what I wanted."
Garibaldi: "Which was?"
Franklin: "A short, sharp, kick to the head."
Garibaldi: "Well hell, I could have done that for you! All you had to do was ask!"
Franklin: "Yeah, well you would have enjoyed it too much."

Garibaldi: "Sometimes people walk out, because they want to be alone. Sometimes they walk away, because they want to see if you care enough to follow them into hell. I think I went the wrong way."

Anna Sheridan: "Hello. You must be Delenn. I'm Anna Sheridan, John's wife."


Z'ha'dum [top]

Anna Sheridan: "All you have to do is come with me."
Sheridan: "Where?"
Anna Sheridan: "Where else? Z'ha'dum."

Sheridan: "This is about more than what I want. So I'm going, even though I know it is almost certainly a trap."

Sheridan: "Finally, I heard what you said when I left. I want you to know ... I love you Delenn. Good bye."

(Sheridan is trapped at the edge of an abyss)
Kosh Naranek's voice: "Jump! Jump now!"

G'kar: "It was the end of the Earth year, 2260, and the war had paused, suddenly and unexpectedly. All around us, it was as if the universe were holding its breath ... Waiting. All of life can be broken down into moments of transition or moments of revelation. This had the feeling of both."

G'kar: "G'Quon wrote, there is a greater darkness than the one we fight. It is the darkness of the soul that has lost its way. The war we fight is not against powers and principalities. It is against chaos and despair! Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope. The death of dreams. Against this parolee we can never surrender. The future is all around us, waiting in moments of transition to be born in moments of revelation. No one knows the shape of that future or where it will take us. We know only that it is always born in pain."




Babylon 5 - Season 4 [top]


Lennier: "It was the year of fire..."
Zack: "The year of destruction..."
G'kar: "The year we took back what was ours."
Lyta: "It was the year of rebirth..."
Vir: "The year of great sadness..."
Marcus: "The year of pain..."
Delenn: "And the year of joy."
Londo: "It was a new age."
Franklin: "It was the end of history."
Ivanova: "It was the year everything changed."
Garibaldi: "The year is 2261. The place:"
Sheridan: "Babylon 5."

Intro in German:

Lennier: "Es war das Jahr des Feuers"
Franklin: "Das Jahr der Zerstoerung"
G'kar: "Das Jahr, in dem wir zurueckeroberten, was uns gehoerte."
Lyta: "Es war das Jahr der Wiedergeburt"
Vir: "Das Jahr grosser Trauer."
Marcus: "Es war das Jahr der Schmerzen"
Delenn: "Und das Jahr der Freude."
Londo: "Es war ein neues Zeitalter."
Franklin: "Es war das Ende der Geschichte"
Ivanova: "Das Jahr, in dem sich alles veraenderte."
Garibaldi: "Das Jahr: 2261"
Sheridan: "Ort der Handlung: Babylon 5."



The Hour of the Wolf [top]

Ivanova: "Have you ever heard of the hour of the wolf?"
Lyta: "No."
Ivanova: "My father taught me about it. It's the time between three and four in the morning. You can't sleep and all you can see is the troubles, and the problems, and the ways that you life should have gone, but didn't. All you can hear is the sound of your own heart. At times like this, My father used to take one large glass of vodka before bed, to kept the wolf away, he said. Then he would take three very small drinks of vodka, just in case she had cubs while she was waiting outside. It doesn't work."

Kosh Ulkesh: "No one returns from Z'ha'dum."

(A strange place somewhere below the surface of Z'ha'dum)
Sheridan: "Who are you?"
Lorien: "Who are *you*?"
Sheridan: "How did I get here?"
Lorien: "You were born."
Sheridan: "Why am I alive?"
Lorien: "Well, that is the question, isn't it?"

Emperor Cartagia: "The Emperor is the soul of the people. The center of this republic. This whole world may parish, the emperor goes on, we go on. The first emperors, the greatest of us, were proclaimed deities by the ancient gods, in exchange for loyalty. They became immortal. Their names revived for generations to come. Prays offer up to them even in the temples today and now, now these gods of old have returned. And through them, I will become a god myself! That is my destiny! I've know it all my life. It's what I was born for. And when the time comes, Mollari, the people will gladly lay down there lives, so that I maybe elevated to godhood. What are a few million lives compared to the glory of becoming a living god. And when I become a god, I will forgive you your rudeness, Mollari. Then my capacities will be infinite. For now, I will simply try to forget."

Londo: "You and I, Vir, must kill Emperor Cartagia."

Londo: "Vir, it is a terrible truth, but as one accumulates power, one loses friends. One only has those who wish to use you and those you wish to use, and yet in all of this *you* have somehow managed to walk through the corridors of power and not be touched. I can only assume you have not been paying attention. And still the hideous truth is you are the closest thing I have to a friend. I am as shocked and dismayed at this as you are, but still, there it is.

Morden: "I'm just a ... Shadow of my former self."

Sheridan: "Lennier! Get us the hell out of here!!"
Lennier: "Initiating... getting-the-hell-out-of-here maneuver."

Zack: "When it comes right down to it, it does not matter what I think either way."
G'kar: "Our thoughts form the universe. They always matter."

G'kar: "It is now seven days, since we lost the Captain and Mr. Garibaldi. In a way, I think we have lost Ivanova. It is as though her heart has been pierced and her spirit has poured out through the wound. She blamed herself. It is foolish. It is destructive. It is ... human. Ambassador Mollari has returned to Centauri Prime, to take up his role as advisor on planetary security. I suppose he is quite happy with his new position. It is what wanted - power, title, responsibility. I think he is more alone then anyone else in the Universe. Delenn has refused to eat for seven days, fasting, praying, and waiting. Delenn believes, I think she is the only one who does. The shadows have paused in their pursuit of war and everywhere there is a sense of imminent change. Whether it is a change for good or ill, no one can tell, because no one has answered two very important questions. Where is Mr. Garibaldi ... and what happened to Captain Sheridan at Z'Ha'Dum?"


What ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi? [top]

G'kar: "If you're going to be worried every time the universe doesn't make sense, you're going to be worried every moment of every day for the rest of your natural life."

G'Kar: "I was doing fine until you showed up with that .. thing in hand."
Marcus: "It's a Minbari fighting pike, several hundred years old. You are just jealous because you don't have one. Bad case of pikal envy, if you ask me."

Zack to G'Kar about Garibaldi's Daffy Duck poster: "It's Daff-- Uh, it's the egyptian god of frustration!"

Marcus: "Wakey, wakey! I'm here with your weather report for the evening. I see rain, lighting, thunder, and your head nailed to that wall over there, if you don't tell me what my friend and I need to know."

Marcus: "So, why are you doing this?"
G'kar: "He's my friend. I never had a friend before who wasn't a Narn."

Emperor Cartagia: "And. Have you got anything to say?"
G'kar (in chains): "Do you happen to know where Mr. Garibaldi might be?"
Emperor Cartagia: "Who???"

Delenn: "My fast will continue. If John does not return from Z'ha'dum, if he's ... if he's dead, then my soul will join, even if I can not. And as I promised him long ago, I will see him in a place where no shadows fall."

Delenn: "A dear friend say to me, if you are falling off a mountain, may as well try to fly. Here, at the end, I offer you one final chance to fly."

Sheridan: "If you are falling off a cliff, you may as well try to fly. You've got nothing to lose."

Lorien: "Who are you?"
Sheridan: "How did you know about it?"
Lorien: "It's a dangerous question, isn't it? There is never a good answer."

Lorien (light being): "Who are you? What do you want? Who are you? What do you want? Who are you? Who are you?!"

Lorien: "I am the first one."

Lorien: "Did you know you have a Vorlon inside you?"

(A strange place somewhere below the surface of Z'ha'dum)
Sheridan: "The first obligation of a prisoner is to escape!"
Lorien: "Ah, So if one is a prisoner of love, one must escape to solitude? If one is a prisoner of joy, must one escape to sadness?"

Lorien: "Tick your alive, tock ... Well, it was a good life, but short. Tick, tock, tick, tock..."

Lorien: "You can't turn away from death simply, because you're afraid of what might happen without you. That's not enough. You're not embracing life, you're fleeing death. So you're caught in between. Unable to go forward or backward. Your friends need what you can be when you are no longer afraid. When you know who you are, and why you are, and what you want. ... When you are no longer looking for reasons to live ... but can simply BE."
Sheridan: "I can't ... I don't know how to do that."
Lorien: "And I can not help you, and you will be caught forever in between. You must let go ... surrender yourself to death. The death of flesh, the death of fear. Step into the abyss and let go."
Sheridan: "It's getting darker."
Lorien: "I know ... You're close, friend, very close. It's easy to find something worth dying for. Do you have anything worth living for?"
Sheridan: "I can't see you anymore."
Lorien: "As it should be."
Sheridan: "If I fall, how will I know if you'll catch me?"
Lorien: "I caught you before."
Sheridan: "If I die?"
Lorien: "I can not create life, but I can breath on the remaining embers. It may not work."
Sheridan: "But I can hope."
Lorien: "Hope is all we have. Do you have anything worth living for?"
Vision of Delenn: "Sleep now and I will watch and catch you if you fall."
Sheridan: "Delenn!"


The Summoning [top]

Drazi Ambassador: "Sheridan died trying to attack Z'ha'dum. No one who goes there comes back alive."

Drazi Ambassador: "Captain, we're sorry. We thought you were dead."
Sheridan: "I was. I'm better now."

Sheridan: "The ambassador is correct. I went to Z'ha'dum. I've seen the face of the enemy. They're not gods and they're not indestructible. I fought them and I've killed many of them and I've survived. There is a way out of this, a way to stop this insanity once and for all. Now Delenn's fleet is a start. Now we have to build on it. Together we will build the largest fleet in history, not just for a battle, but to change the shape of the galaxy. Not just for ourselves, but for our children, and our children's children. You tell your government, that the only man to survive Z'ha'dum, sends this message. We can end this, not just for now, not just for the next thousand years, but forever! I stand before you as proof that it can be done. We can fight and we can win, but only if we do it together! Can I count on you?!"
crowd: "(a few cheers)"
Sheridan: "Can I count on you?! Will you stand together?!"
crowd: "(lots of cheers)"

Ivanova: "What's next on the list?"
Marcus: "Sector 87 by 20 by 42. At least a dozen ships have reported seeing something rather godlike in the area, and since neither you nor I were there, it must be one of the first ones."
Ivanova: "Your having delusions of grandeur again."
Marcus: "Well, if you're gonna have delusions, you may as well go for the really satisfying ones."

Ivanova (attemps to speak Minbari): "Engines at full ... High power. Hatfrack ratcatcher to port weapons ... brickhat lingerie!"

Vir: "Remember, what I said before, there must be another way? I was wrong. Kill him!"

Marcus: "Anyone special waiting for you back home?"
Ivanova: "No, not anymore. You?"
Marcus: "Someone. She doesn't know it yet."
Ivanova: "That's a strange way to pursue a relationship."
Marcus: "It's very sad. I want this thing to go right. I want it to be special."
Ivanova: "Ah, a romantic. I don't think I felt that way since the ... first time."
Marcus: "That's what I'm talking about."
Ivanova: "You mean you don't, ... you haven't?"
Marcus: "Yes."
Ivanova: "You're a?"
Marcus: "Exactly."
Ivanova: "With anyone?"
Marcus: "Never met the right person before."


Falling Toward Apotheosis [top]

Ivanova: "Is it my imagination or is Mr. Garibaldi crankier then normal?"

Emperor Cartagia: "Let it burn Mollari. Let it all end in fire!"

Sheridan to Delenn: "I, um ... I wanted you to have this. I got it down in the Zocalo. It's not exactly what I had in mind, but, um ... It's temporary until I can get you a real engagement ring. Um, it's an Earth custom. See, you give someone you love an engagement ring as kind of down payment for another ring. The kind you exchange when you get married. I don't know when we will be able to get around to that part of it. We may not survive the next two weeks, but I wanted you to have this and to know that whatever time I have left, I want to spend it with you."

Lorien: "You heard?"
Sheridan: "I heard."
Lorien: "They need to believe"
Sheridan: "Not in me."
Lorien: "You can't save them all."
Sheridan: "I can try."
Lorien: "You will fail."
Sheridan: "We'll see."

Lorien: "I did the best I could. I gave him back a portion of his life, but only a portion."
Delenn: "How long?"
Lorien: "In human terms, baring injury and illness, perhaps twenty years, but no more than that."
Delenn: "Twenty years."
Sheridan: "I'll be in my early sixty by then. It's a good run Delenn."
Delenn: "You told me, that humans live to be hundred years old, even older. You can...?"
Lorien: "Twenty years, no more. And then one day, he will simply stop."

Garibaldi: "And then what?"
Ivanova: "And then what, what?"
Garibaldi: "Well if we lose, then there is no 'then what' and if we win, then what next? We are still renegades. I don't think there is anyone left on this side of the galactic core we haven't already honked off. Can't go home. Sometimes I don't know which scares me more, wining or losing."
Ivanova: "God, I thought *I* was depressing..."


The Long Night [top]

Kosh Ulkesh: "A human?"
Lyta: "Yes."
Kosh Ulkesh: "Imprisons one of us?"
Lyta: "Yes."
Kosh Ulkesh: "Intolerable."

Ivanova: "Sleepers or prison. Sleepers or prison."

G'kar: "An empty eye sees through to an empty heart."

Emperor Cartagia to G'Kar: "You can't break those chains! They are made of solid curilium."
(a link snaps...)

Sheridan: "Though we are not now that strength, which in old days moved earth and heaven. That which we are, we are. One equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fates, but strong in will. To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield."

(Getting off the subject while planning to kill the Emperor)
Londo: "... Time enough for him to stagger back into the main room and cry out, 'Londo killed me!', hmm? Or maybe just enough time for him to say, 'Londo kill--Argh!'"
Vir: "Or he won't even get that out, he just maybe goes 'Lond--! Argh!'. Or maybe he'll just be totally delirious and say even thing backwards, and say 'Kill Londo! argh!'-----"
(smiles freeze)

(After stabbing the Emperor)
Vir (completely drunk): "I was toasting Emperor Cartagia... and since he wasn't here, I drank for him. And then I couldn't be rude, so I had to drink with him. So first it was me drinking for him, and then him drinking for me. And then I kind of... got into this... kind of cycle. And then Emperor Cartagia... his glass broke and... maybe it was um, my glass... Would you like some? Because you know what ... I think this's Cartagia's glass after all, so it would be quite appropriate."
Londo: "You're drunk."
Vir: "Well ... Absolute... positive ... oh you betta."

Vir: "(drunk) How much more before I can look in the mirror and not see myself? Because I kept looking and... I'm always there."

Londo to Vir: "I remember when you first arrived on Babylon 5. You were so full of life, innocent. I was not kind to you. I treated you poorly. I think that I did that, because I was envious of you. Envious that you had come so far and still innocent in your way. You still believed. I, on the other hand ... I can not tell you that your pain will ever go away. I can not tell you that you will ever forget his face. I can only tell you, that it was necessary. You may have helped to save our people. You did a hard thing, but you still have your heart. Your heart is a good one. You would not be in such great pain, if it was otherwise. It means that there is still hope for you. And for that, I find I still envy you."

Sheridan: "Giants in the playground..."*12

Sheridan: "We're going into the heart of the fire; on one side the Vorlons, on the other the Shadows, and us in the middle. whether any of us will ever come back, I don't know.


Into the Fire [top]

Sheridan: "Good Morning, gentleman. This is your wake-up call."
(Shadows scream, explosions...)

Sheridan: "Take us into the fire."

Sheridan: "A Vorlon said understanding is a three edged sword: Your side, their side - and the truth."

Ivanova: "Ah hell. [WhiteStar fires] What's going on??"
Lorien: "'Ah hell' means 'continuous fire' in Minbari...."

Ivanova: "My heart and I don't speak anymore."

Londo: "But every time I have been happy, the universe has conspired to do something nasty to me."

(Shadows are hiding underneath a Centaurian island)
Morden: "So, what are you going to do, Mollari - blow up the island?"
Londo: "Actually - now that you mention it."
Morden: "NO!"

Morden: "You're insane."
Londo: "On any other day Mr. Morden, you would be wrong, but today, today is a very different day."

Sheridan: "Still can't win, but it's not bad."
Marcus: "We can't win?"
Sheridan: "Against the Vorlons and the Shadows?? No."

Delenn: "Then there is no hope?"
Shadow (as Delenn): "There is only Chaos and Evolution!"
Vorlon: "There is only Order and Obedience. You will do as you are told!"
Shadow (as Delenn): "You will fight, because we *tell* you to fight."
Vorlon: "You will die for us, when we *tell* you to die for us, because the others know no other way."

Sheridan: "It feels like the magic's gone."
Delenn: "No, not gone. Now we make our own magic. Now we create our own legends. Now we build the future. Now we stop ..."
Sheridan: "... being afraid of shadows."

Marcus: "Did we just win?"
Ivanova: "Don't jinx it."

Sheridan: "It's a new age, Delenn. A third age."
Delenn: "Why third?"
Sheridan: "We began in chaos, to primitive to make our own decisions. Then we were manipulated from the outside, by forces that thought they knew what was best for us. And now we are finally standing on our own."

Lorien: "To live on as we have is to leave behind joy, and love, and companionship, because we know it to be transitory, of the moment. We know it will turn to ashes. Only those, whose lives are brief can imagine that love ... is eternal. You should embrace that remarkable illusion. It may be the greatest gift your race has ever received."

Shadow: "Will you come with us?"
Lorien: "I have been here since the beginning. I will not leave you now. I will go with you beyond the rim and we will see again, all those who went ahead of us. All those who we have missed for so long."
Vorlon: "Then we will not be alone?"
Lorien: "No, never alone."

Lorien: "I look forward to the day when your people join us ... beyond the rim. We will wait for you."

Sheridan: "Now: Get the hell out of our galaxy, both of you!"


Epiphanies [top]

Zack, about Londo: "The only reason that guy is still alive is because half the time I don't know what the hell he's talking about. The other half, I wish I didn't."

(Three Elvisses just passed the security check...)
Zack: "Look, I am getting the hell out of here, before anyone else walks through there... With my luck, it would be the Second Coming, and I am still three commandments behind on penance!"

G'kar: "If you confront the universe with good intentions in your heart, it will reflect that and reward your intent. Usually. It just doesn't always do it in the way you expect."

Bester: "I assume, my usual quarters in the brig are available. I have grown so attached to the place."

Bester: "The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father."
Lyta: "In that case, Mr. Bester, I'm an orphan."

Bester: "By all rights, I should arrest her and take her back with me."
Sheridan: "Oh, you could do that, but I could nail your head to table, set fire to it, and feed your charred remains to the Pak'Ma'Ra. But it's an imperfect world and we never get exactly what we want. So get used to it!"

Bester: "It's ironic, I suppose. Save the EarthForce patrol -and continue the blockage of Babylon 5. Let them be destroyed - and you'll be framed for murder and lose sympathy back home. For you, it's a loss-loss proposition. But as you said, it's an imperfect world."

Delenn: "Sometimes, I try and picture you sitting on a beach with absolutely nothing to do."
Sheridan: "And?"
Delenn: "And, the picture always ends with your head imploding "

Delenn: "Your a problem solver. You're one of these people who would pick up a rope that's gotten all tangled up and spend an entire day untangling it. Because it's a challenge, because it defies your sense of order in the universe - and because you can."

Sheridan: "Trouble will come in its own time. It always does, ... But that's tomorrow. Give me today and I will be happy."

G'kar: "Welcome home, Mr. Garibaldi!"
Garibaldi: "Thank you, G'kar."

Garibaldi: "Even for a Narn, he is nuts."

Insane Centauri Regent (looking at war torn curtains): "I'm thinking ... Pastels!"

G'kar to Franklin (about the loss of his eye): "The Centrauri who plucked it out was not a surgeon of your caliber. I believe he used something similar to... this. I only saw it end on, you see."

G'kar: "I have seen what power does. And I have seen what power costs. The one is never equal to the other."

The Illusion of Truth [top]

Londo: "When I said my quarters were cold, I did not mean, 'Oh I think it is a little chilly in here. Perhaps, I'll throw a blanket on the bed'. No, I said it was cold! As in, 'Oh look my left arm just snapped off like an icicle and shattered all over the floor!'. This is highly inappropriate, Captain."
Sheridan: "You're right. There are several other parts of your body, I would much rather snap off..."
Londo: "I see, well, your sense of humor is very funny."

Sheridan: "We have an open door policy--"
Ivanova: "And an open air lock policy."
Sheridan: "Comander!?"
Ivanova: "Sorry."

Sheridan: "Commander. Did you threaten to grab the whole of this man by the collar and throw him out an airlock!?"
Ivanova: "Yes, I did."
Sheridan: "I am shocked. Shocked and dismayed. I remind you that we're short on supplies here! We can't afford to take perfectly good clothing and throw it out in the space. Always take off the jacket first. I told you that before! Sorry. She meant to say 'stripped naked and thrown out an airlock'. I apologize for any confusing this might have caused."

ISN Reporter: "You're crazy. I am going to file a report with your superior officer."
Zack: "Well you do that, sunshine. Remires, check the box."
Remires: "Yes sir. Good shot, chief!"
Zack: "Well, don't say that, until you know what I was aiming at."

Sheridan: "I thought we had seen the worst of it with the Shadows, the Vorlons, the War... But there's something much worse. Reporters."*2


Atonement [top]

Dukhat to young Delenn: "I can not have an aid who will not look up. You would be forever walking into things!"

Dukhat: "There is nothing to fear in the Dreaming, only that which we bring with us. The Dreaming takes us forward and the Dreaming takes us back. "

Dukhat (to young Delenn): "You are ... a child of Valen."

Zack: "I mean no offense, but I have seen Vorlons with more fashion sense."

Young Delenn (sobbing): "They [humans] showed no mercy. Strike them down. Follow them to their bases and kill them! All of them!... All of them!! No mercy! No mercy!!!"

Franklin: "Marcus - this is the kind of conversation that can only end in a gunshot."

Marcus sings "I am the very model of a modern Major General..." (by Gilbert and Sullivan)
Franklin: "Aaaaaaaah!"
Director: "Cut!"
Marcus sings on: "What?"


Racing Mars [top]

Captain Jack: "Lyta had a little Vorlon, her skin was pale as snow. And everywhere that Lyta went her Vorlon was sure to go..."

(Bored while travelling secretly in the hold of a ship):
Marcus: "I spy with my little eye, something starting with B."
Franklin: "Boxes."
Marcus: "Right. I spy with my little eye, something starting with M."
Franklin: "More boxes."
Marcus: "Two in a row!"
Franklin: "And that's when I shot him, your honor."
Marcus: "I spy with my little eye, something starting with E."
Franklin: "I give up."
Marcus: "Aaah, come on."
Franklin: "This better not be what--"
Franklin and Marcus: "Even more boxes!"

(Marcus and Franklin undercover as gay newlywed couple)
Marcus: "Well, shall we go, *darling*?"

Marcus: "Just my luck! First time in my life, I'm a war hero and no one knows about it. And worst of all - I'm married to *you*."
Franklin: "Well, that's not my idea."
Marcus: "Oh, you say that now. Tell that to your mother. She never stopped calling us about it. So when the big day comes, I've got to pick out patterns. Your father isn't going to live forever and on and on and on and on...."

Franklin: "And I really hate when you do that!"

Ivanova: "You've been declared dead at least once and you know how tiring that can be."

Ivanova: "And sooner or later your ships will have accidents."
Smuggler: "My pilots don't have accidents."
Ivanova: "They will. I'll see to it."
Smuggler: "You wouldn't."
Ivanova: "I have a 200 megawatt pulse cannon in the foreward cargo bay that says otherwise."

Garibaldi: "Come one, he's not the pope! He doesn't look anything like her!"

(Silent Minbari clerics enter the quarters during J&D's first night together)
Sheridan: "They're going to be out here??"
Delenn: "Yes."
Sheridan: "While we are in there?"
Delenn: "Yes."
Sheridan: "I can't. Delenn, I can't in front of other ..."
Delenn: "John..."
Sheridan: "No. No No."
[The day after, Lennier and Sheridan meet in the elevator]
Lennier: "'Woo hoo' ???"
Sheridan [blushes]


Lines of Communication [top]

Marcus: "That'll fifty credits."
Franklin: "No, no, don't you start with me."
Marcus: "Fifty!"
Franklin: "Marcus."
Marcus: "Fifty."
Franklin: "Don't!"
Marcus: "Come on you cheap bastard"
Franklin: "Marcus!"

Sheridan: "You have a face, people trust."
Ivanova: "I would rather have a face, people fear."
Sheridan: "That too."

Marcus: "I sooner face an entire Shadow fleet than what just walked passed us."

Lennier: "... But I can program the parameters into the Artificial Intelligence matrix!"
Delenn: "And what do you do then?"
Lennier: "Touch this button, and pray very very fast."
Delenn: "Start working."

Delenn: "Curious thing, humans. Minbari cities remain untouched and unchanged for centuries. I leave for three days, and you redecorate!"

Ivanova: "If he wasn't my commanding officer, I swear, I shoot him dead."

Number Two: "And we are supposed to believe one man saying this?"
Marcus: "Yes! If it's the right man."
Mars Resistance guy: "And yeah. And what if I said I sprout wings and fly to New York? Huh?"
(others laugh)
Franklin: "In your case, I would say you are crazy. But if Sheridan said it, I'll tell him to stop off on the west side and pick me up some bagels!"


Conflicts of Interests [top]

Ivanova: "Let's try this again."
Zathras 2: "As you wish."
Ivanova: "Zathras came with us to Babylon 4."
Zathras 2: "Yes."
Ivanova: "Zathras stayed in the past with Valen."
Zathras 2: "Yes"
Ivanova: "You're Zathras."
Zathras 2: "Yes!"
Ivanova: "Therefor you went into the Past!!"
Zathras 2: "No. That was not Zathras, that was Zathras."

Zathras 2: "There are ten of us, all of family Zathras. Each one named Zathras. Slight differences in how you pronounce Zathras... Zathras... Zathras. You are seeing now?"
Ivanova: "There are ten of you???"
Zathras 2: "Yes! Oh, well... nine now."

Zathras 2: "Zathras was quiet one in family."

Zathras 2: "Zathras warn Zathras, but Zathras never listen to Zathras."

Zathras: "Zathras trained in crisis management!"

Zathras: "So Zathras talks to dirt. Sometimes talks to walls or talks to ceilings, but dirt is closer. Dirt used to everyone walking on it. Just like Zathras, but we have come to like it. It is our role. It is our destiny in the Universe. So you see, sometimes dirt has insects in it. Zathras like insects. Not so good for conversation, but much protein for diet. "

Franklin: "You know, I like her. It scares the hell out of me sometimes, but I do like her. Just, ah, don't tell her that, right?"

The voice of the Resistance:
Ivanova: "Now, we are going to tell you the truth and we are going to kept telling it, until they shut us down or until President Clark steps down and returns Earth to the hands of its people. You can kill us. You can bomb our colonies. Destroy our ships and murder innocent civilians, but can not kill the truth. And the truth is back in business."


Rumors, Bargains and Lies [top]

Marcus (to WhiteStar-pilot at 83x9x12): "Shoot a bunch of rocks and then leave."

The voice of the Resistance:
Ivanova: "First, one brief announcement. I just want to mention, for those who have asked, that absolutely nothing what so ever happened today in sector 83x9x12. I repeat, nothing happened. Please remain calm."

Sheridan: "Ambassador, there are so many things in the Universe that are, and so many that aren't. If I were to take the time to deny all the things that aren't, we'd be here for centuries, wouldn't we?"

Londo: "I don't know how they see out of them anyway. Tiny, beady, squinty little things aren't they?"
Drazi: "Ambassador!"
Londo: "No, the Maker has not been kind to you. Must be terrible trying to fly at night without running into entire planets."
Drazi: "Are you saying the Centauri do not know what ships are patrolling their borders?"
Londo: "No, of course we know. The Maker has gifted us with great big eyes, and great big scanners, and great big-- ah ... well that is no concern of yours. Look, is there someone else you can go and harass? My life is so full of joy as it is."

Londo: "Zooty! Zoot, zoot."

Londo: "I'm sorry. I apparently mistook you for a human with some taste and sensibility."

Sheridan: "YES!!!!!"


Moments of Transition [top]

Bester: "Personal Log, Bester, Al, August 3, 2261. By provoking Mr. Garibaldi, I put him even further at odds with his former associates and further on the path I need him to follow. What I came here to get, I got, even her. Guess you could call it a bank shot. Yes, I've had nice day."

Neroon (before he dies): "I was born warrior caste, but I see now that the calling of my heart is Religious! The war is over. Listen to her, Listen."

Garibaldi: "You want to hire me to find your dog?"
Scott Adams: "That's right, and my cat, too."
Garibaldi: "Ah. Well, Mr. Adams, this is the kind of thing I usually ..."
Scott Adams: "I pay time and half."
Garibaldi: "... turn... down... Doggies, kitties, hey, they all got to make the world go around, don't they? Anything else that I should know about them?"
Scott Adams: "They're planning to take over the galaxy!"

Bester: "Well there just is no delicate way to say this. I want your body."
Lyta: "What! Are you out of your mind!?"

Sheridan: "This madness has gone on long enough. I don't care if we are ready yet. I don't care if we are outnumbered or outgunned. I don't care what ISN says about us. This stops, and it stops now. Now if Earth wants to declare war on us, then it is time to take the war to Clark. You tell the others, starting right now we fight back, and we fight back hard. "
Ivanova: "I thought you were looking for some other way then firing on our own ships. They were following orders."
Sheridan: "Any crew that executes an order like that is guilty of war crimes, and they desire whatever they get. Now we're riding in, Ivanova. Anyone who wants to defect and joins us - fine. If they get in the way, then we will knock them down. If they kill one of our ships, then we will kill three of theirs and keep going. We'll never slow down and we won't stop. Now we'll ne going after the colonies, then Mars, then Earth. And God help anybody who gets in our way."


No Surrender, No Retreat [top]

Londo (to G'kar): "Before war broke out between our governments, you bought me a drink. I wish to return the favor. For the first time in a hundred years, we have something in common beyond hatred. I find that most extraordinary, and so a drink, to the humans, and to the bridge they created between us, and the hope for a better future for both our worlds."

Sheridan: "Hostiles might be splitting up so they can be with both groups to keep them in line."
Marcus: "Unless they are *all* hostile, and some are just more hostile than others."
Sheridan: "Thank you for that ray of sunshine, Marcus. Next time I feel the need to be depressed, I'll remember to call on you."

Ivanova: "Trust Ivanova, trust yourself, anyone else - shoot'em."

B5 Security: "When are you coming back?"
Garibaldi: "I'm not."


The Exercise of Vital Powers [top]

William Edgars: "Do know how the ancient Greeks defined happiness?"
Garibaldi: "Not off hand, but I would be willing to bet it involved three goats and a jug of wine."

Garibaldi: "Personal Log, Michael Garibaldi. It's started. They are really doing it. This is what I was afraid would happen. But it has been coming for a long time, ever since Sheridan got back. Before he went to Z'ha'dum, he never would have gone up his own, our own government like this. I don't know. Maybe he thinks he is Alexander the Great... Maybe he thinks he is John the Baptist, and maybe he wants to take over the whole operation for himself. That's the part that worries me. That's the part that made me come back here. Mars. I can't believe I am back on Mars. Three times before this place almost killed me. I swore I would never give it the change to finish the job. Humans got no business being here, no business at all."

Wade: "Everything is illusion Mr. Garibaldi. Concepts of language, light, metaphor. Nothing is real."


The Face of the Enemy [top]

Ivanova: "What's going on? You all look like a Pak'ma'ra just ate your cat?"

Sheridan: "Alright. What do you want me to do?"
Garibaldi: "You've already done it."
Sheridan: "What?"
Garibaldi: "It's a Tranq"
Sheridan (fainting): "What...? what..."
Garibaldi: "Don't fight it. Just give it up or they are going to hurt you."

Ivanova: "And you tell them, that if he turns up on the station. I want that son of a bitch shot on sight."

Lyta: "One day, there is going to be a war between telepaths and mundanes, Steven. I just hope I don't live to see it."


Intersections in Real Time [top]

Interrogator (to Sheridan in cell): "Do you know why they're doing this to you? Because your a war hero, one of the few to come out of the Minbari war. They have invested a considerable amount of time and effort making you a hero in the public's eye. The problem is, when a war hero starts believing certain things, and saying certain things, the public listens. They think there's something to it. Your credibility has become a threat to their credibility, so one of them has to go. The best way out for everyone is for you to confess and lay the blame on the alien governments, whether it is true or not. It doesn't matter, truth is immaterial, they can sell it. Note, if I said it was the best way, I did not say it was the only way. The other way, captain is a posthumous confession. Your signature is no problem; they have your image on file; they can create you reading the confession. Now, that's not as good as having you out there where people can see you. So they know it's true. That even you can be broken. You can not resist. With a video record there will always be doubt. It's not the same as breaking you, but I'm told as of this morning, ... it's an acceptable option."

Sheridan in cell: "I demand to see an attorney! I demand the presence of a full military tribunal! You've no right to--!"
Interrogator: "You have no rights! There is no court room here, Captain. No tribunals, no attorneys, no justice, no mercy, no fairness, no hope, no last minute escape."

Interrogator: "The truth is fluid. The truth is subjective. Out there it doesn't matter what time it is. In here it is lunch time, if you and I decide that it is. The truth is sometimes what you believe it to be, and other times what you decide it to be."

Interrogator: "But, can you win?"
Sheridan: "Every time I say no."


Between the Darkness and the Light [top]

Lyta: "Michael, if I do a deep scan, it could damage you."
Garibaldi: "If you don't, they are going to kill me. Now a headache I can get over. I am not sure I am going to get over being dead anytime soon."

Franklin: "Why can't we ever go any place nice."

Security Guard: "I don't watch TV. It's a cultural wasteland filled with inappropriate metaphors and an unrealistic portrayal of life created by the liberal media elite!"

Sheridan (while being rescued): "Michael ... Boy... I was going to kick your butt for something... but I don't remember..."

[Garibaldi, Lyta & Franklin on Mars, sharing water ration]
Garibaldi: Who gulped? Somebody gulped! Look, we have a long way to go, we're supposed to sip and not gulp.
Franklin: I didn't gulp!
Garibaldi: No?
Lyta: I sipped.
Garibaldi: You I believe.
Franklin: Why do you believe her and not me??
Garibaldi: Because when you lie it's all over your face. She's a much better liar than you are.
Lyta: Thank you! .... Wait a minute--
Garibaldi: The next time that you're gonna carry the canteen, *I'm* gonna gulp.
Franklin: You are so pettish!
Lyta: --what do you mean I'm a good liar???
Garibaldi: Survival of the fittest.
Rebell: Let's go!
[Garibaldi and Franklin leave]
Lyta [hesitates]: I don't like what I'm hearing here. I'm not a great liar! I'm a terrible liar! I don't know who's been saying those things. I want you to know, when we get back - I am gonna *sue* somebody! I don't know who and I don't know how, but, god, I'm gonna sue *somebody*!
Garibaldi [from a far]: Would you come on already??
Lyta: Grrr!

Sheridan: "If you are going to wait for the universe to start making sense, you'll have a long wait ahead of you."

Marcus: "You'll never know."

Ivanova: "This is the White Star Fleet. Negative on surrender! We will not stand down."
Captain J Thompson: "Who is this? Identify yourself?"
Ivanova: "Who am I? I am Susan Ivanova. Commander. Daughter of Andrei and Sophie Ivanov. I am right hand of vengeance and the boot that is going to kick your sorry ass all the way back to earth. I death incarnate and the last living thing that you are every going to see. God sent me."


Endgame [top]

Garibaldi: "This is Grumpy to Snow White. I've got the coordinates for the wicked Queens castle. We are in position. You can break the mirror any time you want. Stand by to receive."

Franklin: "Well... uhm... I assume you worked out that whole longitude-latitude thing? I know, you get confused sometimes."
Garibaldi: "You're right, you're right, I kept mixing them up. I got it right! Well, I *think* I got it right. Okay. Fine. Which goes vertically, longitude or latitude?"

Senator Crosby: "Captain Sheridan, this is an emergency transmission. President Clark is dead. He took his own life before we could arrest him, but he left a message on his desk. Two words, 'scorched earth'??"


Rising Star [top]

Londo: "I hope you have brought a change of underwear. You will need it after you read this."

Sheridan: "Death! Been there, done that!"

President Luchenko: "Half of EarthForce wants to give you a kiss on the cheek and the medal of honor. The other half wants you taken out and shot. As a politician you learn how to compromise, which by all rights means, I should give you the medal of honor, and then have you shot."

Londo: "How does it feel to make history, hmm?"
G'kar: "You do not make history, you can only hope to survive it."
Londo: "G'kar, you are a depressing person."
G'kar: "Thank you."

Londo: "It almost makes you wish you could peak in on them... See how it is going... (pause) G'kar. The artificial eye that Dr. Franklin gave you. Where is it?"

Sheridan (to Bester): "See Mr. Garibaldi is finishing up some personal business on Mars. Once it's done, I image he will turn his attention to you. And to tell you god's honest truth, I rather face those sharp shooters of yours, then what he will do when he finds you. I don't know exactly how he plans to settle the score, but I'm sure it will be creative, colorful, and extremely unpleasant."

Ivanova: "I said go away!"
Franklin: "Susan, it's me. You OK?"
Ivanova: "Damn it Steven, why the hell did he have to do it? I didn't want him to. I never, never would have asked him to."
Franklin: "I know."
Ivanova: "I mean, how the hell did he find out about that machine??"
Franklin: "After we gained custody of the alien healing device, Sheridan and I decided that it was just too dangerous to let others know about it, so I coded all my log entries. He must of hacked his way through half a dozen security overrides."
Ivanova: "Typical. He was always pulling crap like that. You know, I never knew what to do with him. He was the most undisciplined, most annoying... I was just lying there and I was feeling myself letting go of my body. And I remember the last thing I thought was, I'm going to die now. And it wasn't so bad. And then I heard this voice coming from far away saying, 'I love you'. And then I thought, is this God? Is this God? I mean he really did have an English accent just like in all those old movies. And then I felt myself being pulled down, and I got heavy, so heavy, and tired. I forced my eyes open and there he was next to me. And we were hooked into that damn machine. And I tried to pull it apart Steven, I swear to God I tried, I just couldn't even move. I couldn't move."
Franklin: "Look, there was nothing you could do, all right? Your system was traumatized. You can't blame yourself."
Ivanova: "I don't, I don't, I don't. I just ... You know all my life I've had... I've had problems with relationships. You may have noticed."
Franklin: "A little."
Ivanova: "You know the ones that I loved always ended up hurting me, leaving me. And the ones who stayed, they had nothing inside, no depth. After a while I just decided to forget about it. And here was Marcus. I knew he'd never hurt me and I knew he'd never leave me, and I knew he loved me. I knew it and I just didn't want to admit it. And he gave so much and he wanted so little in return. And he just wanted a kind word or a smile. And all I ever gave him in two years was grief. And that's because I think I saw what I wanted and I was afraid. "
Franklin: "But you knew it wasn't going to work out. You were just protecting yourself from being hurt again and that's all."
Ivanova: "Maybe, but maybe I should have just tried one more time. I could have done that for him, now I can't. At least I should have boffed him just once."
Franklin: "Boffed. Did you just say boffed??"
Ivanova: "That's the type of thing he would have said. I mean, what the hell, it's not like I was doing anything else."
Franklin: "Well I guess that's one way to deal with unrequited love, huh? "
Ivanova: "All love is unrequited Steven, all of it."


The Deconstruction of Falling Stars [top]

Garibaldi: "But there is a time and a place for everything - and this is the time and this is definitely the place for one hell of a party!"

Londo: "So Doctor, who died?"
Franklin: "What are you talking about??"
Londo: "Among my people, this is how we celebrate state funerals! Our marriage ceremonies are solemn - sober, moments of reflection - also regret, disagreement, argument, and mutual recrimination. Once you know that it can't get any worse, you can relax and enjoy the marriage. But to start with something like this, oh, it is a very bad sign for the future. Perhaps it was something I said?"
G'kar: "Perhaps it is everything you say?"

Garibaldi's Hologram to future guy: "And I happen to have a knack for breaking system codes. So while you were downloading your new world order into me, I was watching your system work. I know where it comes in and I know where it goes out, and I just sent out our entire conversation - Broadcast the whole damn thing."

Garibaldi's Hologram: "This... little lab of yours... This is by chance located on a military base, is it...?"

Sheridan: "In hundred years, it won't matter who we were. They probably won't even remember."
Delenn: "That's true."

Brother Edward in the future: "The blessed Sheridan, who lived and died and returned from the dead and was taken body into heaven. And Ivanova, the strong, And Delenn the wise. They could all be fables for all we know."

Old Delenn: "You do not wish to know anything! You wish only to speak. That which you know, you ignore, because it is inconvenient. That which you do not know, you invent."

Daniel: "This is how the world ends, swallowed in fire, but not in darkness. You will live on. The voice of all our ancestors, the voice of our fathers and our mothers to the last generation. We created the world, we think you would have wished for, and now we leave the cradle for the last time."




Babylon 5 - Season 5 [top]


Kosh: "And so it begins." (Chrysalis)
Minbari assassin: "There is a hole in your mind." (The pilot)
Sinclair: "What do you want?" (And the Sky Full of Stars)
G'kar: "No one here is exactly what he appears." (Mind War)
Sinclair: "Nothing's the same anymore." (Chrysalis)
General Hague: "Commander Sinclair is being reassigned" (Points of Departure)
Londo: "Why don't you eliminate the entire Narn homeworld while you are at it?" (Revelations)
Elric: "I see a great hand reaching out of the stars" (The geometry of shadows)
Sebastian: "Who are you?" (comes the Inquisitor)
ISN Reporter: "President Clark has signed a decree today, declaring martial law" (Messages from Earth)
Sheridan: "These orders have forced us to declare independence." (Severed Dreams)
Bester: "Weapons, supplies" (Ship of Tears)
Sheridan: "Unless your people get off their encounter suited butts and do something" (Interludes and Examinations)
Zathras: "You're the one who was." (War without End II )
Kosh: "If you go to Z'ha'dum you will die." (In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum)
Lorien: "Why are you here?" (The Hour of the Wolf)
Lorien: "Do you have anything worth *living* for? " (What Ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?)
Delenn: "I think of my beautiful city in flames." (Rumors, Bargains, and Lies)
Sheridan: "Giants in the play ground" (The Long Night)
Sheridan: "Now get the hell out of our galaxy." (Into the fire)
Sheridan: "We are here to place President Clark under arrest." (Endgame)

Intro in German.

Kosh: "Und so beginnt es."
Attentaeter: "Sie haben jetzt eine Luecke in ihrem Gedaechtnis."
Sinclair: "Was wollen Sie?"
G'kar: "Niemand auf Babylon 5 ist genau das, was er zu sein scheint"
Sinclair: "Nichts ist, wie es einmal war."
General Hague: "Commander Sinclair wird versetzt."
Londo: "Wieso eliminieren Sie nicht den ganzen Planeten der Narn, wo Sie schon dabei sind?"
Elric: "Ich sehe eine grosse Hand, die nach den Sternen greift."
Sebastian: "Wer bist du?"
ISN Reporter: "Praesident Clark hat heute per Dekret das Kriegsrecht verhaengt."
Sheridan: "Durch diese Befehle wurden wir gezwungen, uns fuer unabhaengig zu erklaeren."
Bester: "Waffen, Versorgungsmaterial"
Sheridan: "Sie muessen endlich mal was unternehmen."
Zathras: "Du bist der Eine, der gewesen ist."
Kosh: "Sie koennen nach Z'Ha'dum fliegen, aber Sie werden sterben."
Delenn: "Nun muss ich mir vorstellen, das meine schoene Staedt in Flammen steht... "
Lorien: "Hast du etwas, fuer das es sich lohnt zu *leben*?"
Sheridan: "Und nun wird es Zeit, dass ihr unsere Galaxis endlich verlasst!"
Sheridan: "Wir sind hier, um Praesindent Clark zu verhaften!"



No Compromises [top]

Sheridan: "No desire to be struck blind by the sight of Londo naked."

Londo: "On my world, we have learned, an inauguration is simply a signal to assassins that a new target has been setup on the firing range."

Garibaldi: "The head of covert intelligence for the alliance is pleased to meet you."

G'kar: "Do you want to be President?"
Sheridan: "Yes"
G'kar: "Put your hand on the book and say I do."
Sheridan: "I do."
G'kar: "Fine. Done. Let's eat."


The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari [top]

Vir: "As Mr. Garibaldi would say, It's been one hell of a day."
Lennier: "Yes, a hell of day."
Vir: "A hell of a year."
Lennier: "A hell of a five years."
Vir: "A hell of a life."
Lennier: "You win."

Londo: "You have that vacant look in your eyes, that says 'Hold my head to your ear, you'll hear the sea'!"

Londo: "They call this food? Even the Pak'ma'ra won't eat this."

Vir: "I don't believe this. What is it with this place? I mean last week, someone tried to assassinate Sheridan, now someone tries to poison Londo. God. What is wrong with you people?! Don't you have anything better to do?!"
Garibaldi: "Vir."
Vir: "Why don't you get a hobby?! Read a book or something!"
Garibaldi: "Vir!"
Vir: "What?!"

Londo: "I saw my death in a dream. I was an old man. How do I know I won't survive this? Perhaps this will pass and I will get better. The dream is prophecy."
Vir: "Prophecy is just a guess that comes true. When it doesn't, it just a metaphor. You could put a gun to your head today and pull the trigger. And then the dream is just a dream and prophecy is just metaphor, and so are you."

Londo: "No Vir, the Universe is an evil place, but at least it seems to have a sense of humor about the whole thing."

G'kar: "You ... said ... nothing!"

G'kar: "You're not sorry for what you did. You're just sorry that you got caught."

Londo: "I'm sorry, G'kar."

Londo (in a dream, looking at empty bottles in an empty Zokalo): "The metaphor is getting a bit thick, don't you think?"


The Paragon of Animals [top]

Byron: "What a piece of work is man. How noble in reason. How infinite in facilities. In form and moving, how express and admirable. In action, how like an angel. In apprehension, how like a god. The beauty of the world. The Paragon of Animals."

Garibaldi: "You do this for me and I swear, I will never ask you for anything ever again ... Until the next time."

Sheridan: "The Universe speaks in many languages, but only one voice. The language is not Narn, or Human, or Centauri, or Gaim, or Minbari."
Sheridan: "It speaks in the language of hope. It speaks in the language of trust."
G'kar: "It speaks in the language of strength and the language of compassion. It is the language of the heart and the language of the soul. But always, it is the same voice. 'Tis the voice of our ancentors speaking through us, and the voice of our inheritors waiting to be born. It is the small still voice that says we are one. No matter the blood, no matter the skin, no matter the world, no matter the star, we are one. No matter the pain, no matter the darkness, no matter the loss, no matter the fear, we are one. Here gathered together in common cause, we agree to recognize this single truth and this single rule. That we must be kind to one another."
Sheridan: "Because each voice enriches us and ennobles us and each voice loss diminishes us. We are the voice of the universe. The soul of creation. The fire that will light the way to a better future. We are one."
G'kar: "We are one."

Sheridan: "Garibaldi was right."
Delenn: "I know. I hate it when he is right."

Londo: "There is no Y in liberties."
G'kar: "Oh, go away, repress someone else."
Londo: "As you wish."


A View from the Gallery [top]

Mack: "My mother used to tell me: God knows the age of every tree, and the color of every flower, and he knows just how wide your shoulders are. And he never gives you anything to carry, that's bigger than you can handle."
Bo: "Then maybe that's what this whole place is about... Maybe that's what you have to do to get by in a place like this..."
Mack: "What's that?"
Bo: "Grow bigger shoulders."

Mack: "Like when Ivanova left, everywhere I turned, somebody had an opinion on that one. One guy said she left, because she was heart broken over that guy, um ... (snapping) um..."
Bo: "Marcus?"
Mack: "Marcus! Right ... Right ... Then somebody else said she wanted a promotion. Quit, because she wasn't get paid enough money."

Londo: "The Universe hates me, you know. I don't know why. I have never done anything to the Universe... Uh ... Well, all right, a few things, but after a while, you would think it would be enough. Yes, we have had our little fun with Londo Mollari for now. Perhaps, it is time to move on and find someone else to play with??"

Delenn: "What if the station falls?"
Sheridan: "Then, as you said to me once, I see you again, in the place where no shadows fall."


Learning Curve [top]

Turval: "If I told you to climb a mountain and bring me a flower from the highest point and you will die after completing your task - Would that be meaningless?"
Minbari: "Of course, it's trival."
Turval: "And if there are a million people waiting at the base of the mountian for whom that one flower was a symbol of their freedom and they would follow that symbol at your dead in a struggle that would liberate half a billion souls. Would that have a meaning? You see? We *create* the meaning in our lives. It does not exist independently."

Turval: "Here is the greatest truth I know: Your death Rastenn, will have a meaning, if comes while you are in fullest pursuit of your heart."

Turval (during Rangers' meditation): "You are supposed to be listening only to your inner voice!"
Tannier: "I was master. My inner voice was smiling..."
Trace: "No one has an inner voice that smiles!!"
Tannier: "I do."
Trace: "I'd expect that from ... from the religious caste."

Durhan: "We have no idea what to do with the Pak'ma'ra. They're slow, greedy, selfish, not very bright. They refuse to speak anything other than their own language, so we have to use a translator, and they're carrion eaters. If it's not five days dead and decayed, they won't touch it."
Turval: "We've had to move the quarters of the Pak'ma'ra well away from the other recruits. It's the smell, you see, it's quite astonishing."
Durhan: "I understand your desire to make the Rangers representative of all the member races, Delenn, but this may not be practical!"


Strange Relations [top]

Bester: "And the bar tender says to Renee Descartes, 'Another beer?' And Descartes says, 'I think not!', and disappears."

Lyta: "Thank you. That was probably the most elegant attempt to change the topic, I have ever heard."


Secrets of the Soul [top]

Byron: "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? That question baffled religious thinkers for centuries, until someone finally hit upon the answer. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? As many as want to."

Lyta: "Byron, the Vorlons changed me, more than you can possibly know. I don't know what I'll do once you get past my barriers and I get past yours. It could burn you."
Byron: "Then let it burn."

Byron: "It was the Vorlons?"
Lyta: "Yes."
Byron: "They created telepaths on a hundred worlds... Interfered with our generic development... Took people from their homeworlds and adjusted them over course of the centuries...?"
Lyta: "Yes."
Byron: "Because they needed telepaths in their war against the Shadows..."


Day of the Dead [top]

Brakiri: "Tonight is the day of the dead. Tonight the dead return."

Adria: "Hello Londo. I came back. "
Londo: "Adira? Adira Tyree? My Adira? But, you're dead!?"

Londo: "Now, anyone can be emperor. I can be emperor. Vir can be emperor! Vir can be emperor. A small Earth cat can be emperor."

Lochley: "And Mr. Garibaldi wants to blame the telepaths. Of course, these days he is looking for ground to blame them for everything, from sun spots to hair loss."

Morden: "Would you like it any better, if I was to tell you that you will betray the Anlashok?"
Lennier: "You are lying."

Morden: "Come on, you won't get there by walking. The other side of that corridor is over two hundred million light years away. The air is spread a little thinly in the middle. You think there is any coffee in this place?"
Lennier: "Why did you help me? I know what kind of man you were?"
Morden: "Give a dog a bad name and you can hang him with it. You shouldn't listen to everything Sheridan tells you. Actually, I'm surprised he is not here tonight, since he died at Z'ha'dum. Is there any coffee here or not? Suit yourself."

Lochley: "Oh, and, uh, speaking of mysteries. I have a message for you. It's from someone named Kosh."
Sheridan: "What's the message?"
Lochley: "'When the long night comes, return to the end of the beginning.'"

Dodger to Garibaldi: "You know, some guys would be flattered if a not entirely uncute dame returned from the dead to spend a night of lust and passion with them!"

Rebo: "I have nothing to declare, my dear man, except my genius."
Zooty: "And I have nothing to declare, except Rebo's genius either."

Rebo: "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. President, Alien races with ears, Alien races without ears, and Zooty's friend Bingo the invisible fish."

Rebo: "But Rebo, the man in the store said it was a special kind of carrot and that is why it whistled!"
Zooty: "Oh, Zooty, for you, fifty thousand years of human civilization was just something that happened to other people, wasn't it??"

G'kar, (referring to Zooty) "What did he say?"
Sheridan: "'Because it tells me to'."

Zooty: "Zooty, zoot, zoot, zoot"


In the Kingdom of the Blind [top]

Insane Regent: "Once, I would have thought, pastels for the curtains... But I think we are well beyond pastels now.... No ... no bright colors anymore... Just darkness..."

Insane Regent: "They like you, you know. That's why They saved you. They say you are just like Them. They say ... They say you have much in common."
Londo: "Who are They??"


A Tragedy of Telepaths [top]

G'kar: "Well with everyone on the same side, maybe you are planning to invade yourselves for a change. I find the idea curiously intriguing. Once you have finished killing each other, we can plow under all the buildings, and plant rows of flowers that spell out the words 'To annoying to live!', in letters that can be seen from space!"

Na'toth: "For I will kill you at the very first opportunity."
Londo: "Yes, I suspect you have to get in line for that honor."

(preparing G'Kar's Flight)
Londo (to Centauri Woman): "Very nice. I think you may be just what I am looking for. Would you mind taking off you cloths?"
G'kar: "Mollari!?"
Londo: "Not necessaryly at this moment and certainly not in front of the... um ... Uh-hum."
G'kar: "Oh, it's animal magnetism. What can I say."
Centauri Woman: "What would you like to do now, Prime Minister?"
Londo: "Borrow your cloths for a while."
Centauri Women: "Oh, of course, emperor Cartagia also played this game with me. But I'm not your size, Prime Minister."
Londo: "Oh, I make do."


Phoenix Rising [top]

Sheridan: "There is only one thing more dangerous then Mr. Garibaldi when he is loud - when he is dead silent."

Lochley: "And if Garibaldi is killed?"
Bester: "Zack gets his room."

Byron (sings): "And we will all come together in better place. Ah better place than this." (warms up a PPG)
Sheridan: "Clear out! Move! Go, go, go! Get out of here. Everybody out."
(PPG shot and Explosion.)

Lyta: "Remember Byron."


The Ragged Edge [top]

President Sheridan: "Who'd have known the presidency was fifty percent panic and fifty percent paper work..."

G'kar: "I worry, Ta'lon, that my shadow may become greater than the message."
Ta'lon: "If that happens, I give you my word, that I will personally kill you."
G'kar: "This is supposed to put my mind at ease?"
Ta'lon: "I am a warrior, it's what I have to give."

Londo: "Ah, good morning, G'kar! Well, this is a delight. I did not know you had children."
G'kar: "Neither did I."
Londo: "Yes, most unsettling when that happens. And in your case most amusing."

Zack: "You OK? You look like crap."
Garibaldi: "Why, thank you Zack, I think you look pretty cute, too."

G'kar: "Ta'lon! Ta'lon is that you?"
Ta'lon: "It's me, most days, except for those days when I don't feel quit like myself and I suppose I am someone else. But for now, yes, it's me."

Londo: "Well, as Mr. Garibaldi says, I think I'll wait for the movie."


The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father [top]

Franklin: "As a doctor, I have to treat all my patients equally. Even the annoying, self-righteous, arrogant ones with self-important delusions of godhood."
Bester: "Ah, thank you. I feel far more at home now."

Zack: "So, what is it this time, Mr. Bester? Hunting down freedom fighters? Pulling wings off flies? Annexing Sudetenland??"

Meditations on the Abyss [top]

Garibaldi sings: "Show me the way to go home. I'm tired and I want to go to bed... I had a little ... aaah it was a big drink. (laughs) About an hour ago, and it went right to my head..."

Garibaldi: "What did I do with that link...? Here linky linky linky... Here linky. Ah! The missing link!"

G'kar: "But we can't be free, till we learn to laugh at ourselves. Once you look in the mirror and see just how foolish we can be. Laughter is inevitable. And from laughter comes wisdom."

Londo: "What do you eat when I am gone?"
Vir: "Well, I ... obviously we have plenty of ... uh ... I eat at McBari's."
Londo: "Mcbari's? Is that the new place in the brown sector? With the golden, uhm ..."
Vir: "Golden head bones. Yes."
Londo: "Vir! We are not biologically equipped to handle fast food!"
Vir: "I know, I know. But it tastes so great going down. Coming up again, it is not so terrific."

Delenn: "He knows me, but he also loves me. Sometimes the one gets in the way of the other."

Captain Montoneyo: "Death is not the enemy. Death simply is."

Captian Montoya: "But I know. And you should learn one very important lesson. Never ever assume that no one can listen in on a private channel."

G'kar: "If I take a lamp and shine toward the wall, a bright spot will appear on the wall. The lamp is our search for truth, for understanding. Too often we assume the light on the wall is god. But the light is not the goal of the search, it is the result of the search. The more intense the search, the brighter the light on the wall. The brighter the light on the wall, the greater the revelation upon seeing it. Similarly, someone who does not search, who does not bring a lantern with him, sees nothing. What we perceive as god is the byproduct of our search for god. It may simply be an appreciation of the light, pure and unblemished. Not understanding that it comes from us. Sometimes, we stand in front of the light and assume we are the center of the universe. God looks astonishingly like we do, or turn to look at our shadow and assume all is darkness. If we allow ourselves to get in the way, we defeat the purpose, which is to use the light of our search to illuminate the wall in all its beauty and all its flaws, and in doing so better understand the world around us."

Narn: "What is truth and what is god?"
G'kar: "Truth is a river." (Narns disciples gasp)
Narn: "And what is god?"
G'kar: "God is the mouth of the river."

Darkness Ascending [top]

Garibaldi: "I don't want anyone's pity. I don't need anybody's pity. All I know is that I am tired of being controlled. Controlled by others, by fear, by my past, by what everybody else expects of me and it's enough."

Sheridan: "Oh, damn it Delenn. I have been working up a good mad all day and I am not about to let you undercut it by agreeing with me!"

Lyta: "I have decided to stop hiding what the Vorlons did to me. I'm testing to see what I can do. How far I can go. I had no idea. You shouldn't have woken up. This is just a dream. This never happened!"

Lyta: "Oh, and you mentioned wondering what my pleasure threshold is. I just recently found out, I don't have one. Have a very very nice day, G'kar."


And All My Dreams Torn Asunder [top]

G'kar: "Good bye Delenn."
Delenn: "G'kar, I have I ever told you that you are one of the finest writers that I have every met? And that it has been an honor to work beside you on the alliance?"
G'kar: "Not in words, but the thing about losing one eye is that makes you look deeply into the eyes of another. I found in yours all the thanks I will ever require in this life or in any other."

Londo: "No, he is still here as my bodyguard, that's all. Where I go he goes."
Centauri Minister: "My condolence."
G'kar: "Thank you. It's a burden, but I have come to accept it."

Sheridan: "What does the candle represent?"
Delenn: "Life."
Sheridan: "Whose life?"
Delenn: "All life, every life. We are all born as molecules in the hearts of a billion stars. Molecules that do not understand politics, polices, or differences. Over a billion years, we foolish molecules forgot who we are and where we came from. In desperate acts of ego, we give ourselves names, fight over lines on maps, and pretend that our light is better than everyone else's. The flame reminds us of the piece of those stars that lives on inside of us. The spark, that tells us, you should know better. The flame also reminds us, that life is precious, as each flame is unique and it goes out, it's gone forever. There will never be another quite like it. So many candles will go out tonight. I wonder sometimes, if we can see anything at all."


Movements of Fire and Shadow [top]

Londo: "I have this feeling, something is terribly wrong."
G'kar: "You're at war with everyone in the known Universe. Perhaps you were thinking of that?"

Insane Regent: "And there was something else They told me to do... And I did it, just a few moments before I came to see you... The last thing I will ever have to do for Them.... In a way, I am glad it's over..."
Londo: "What did They ask you to do?"
Insane Regent: "To send away all the ships guarding Centauri Prime on false emergency, and turn off the planetary defense network......"
Londo: "No!"
Insane Regent: "I think I'll stay and watch from here....... The sky should be lighting up any time now...... I imagine it will be quite beautiful....."
Londo: "NO!"

Lochley: "Alpha squadron, I want that ship out of my sky!" (this quote is also in Crusade)

Sheridan: "Any hope of neutrality that Babylon 5 had until now just went up in smoke."


The Fall of Centauri Prime [top]

G'kar: "I would be dead, if not for you. You risked your life to save mine."
Londo: "Yes, you would have done the same."
G'kar: "Yes, but I am a better person!"

G'kar: "Mollari ... Understand, that I can never forgive your people, for what they did to my world. My people can never forgive your people. ... But I can forgive you."

Londo: "Isn't strange, G'kar? When we first met, I had no power and all the choices I could ever want. Now I have all the power I could ever want - and no choices at all. No choice at all."

Lennier: "Delenn?"
Delenn: "Yes."
Lennier: "I love you."
Delenn: "I know."

Insane Regent: "What are we but--"
Drakh: "--A shadow of a shadow. An echo of what was."

Sheridan: "The giants have left the playground, but they left their guns behind."*12


Wheel of Fire [top]

Garibaldi: "What'd the Vorlons do to you, Lyta? Who... what are you?"
Lyta: "I've only recently begun to understand it myself. You know the Vorlons used telepaths as weapons during the Shadow war, but no one stopped to consider that in a war, you have a certain number of small weapons, a certain number medium weapons and one or two big ones. The kind of weapons you drop when you are out of small weapons and medium weapons and you've got nothing left to use."
Garibaldi: "Someone like that would be the telepathic equivalent of a thermonuclear device, a doomsday weapon!"
Lyta: "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Garibaldi."

Franklin: "Can God make a rock so big, that even he can't lift it?"
G'kar: "Yes, I've heard it, but ..."
Franklin: "What if that is the wrong question. I Wonder if the right question is, can God create a puzzle so difficult, a riddle so complex, that even he can't solve it? What if that's *us*? Maybe a problem like this is God's way of doing to us a little of what we do to him?"

Lyta: "You can not harm me. You can not stop someone who has been touched by Vorlons."
Sheridan: "You are not the only one that's been touched by the Vorlons."

Delenn: "One would think you have never seen a pregnant Halfhuman/Halfminbari before!"

Lise: "Life is change. It's a good thing."

Sheridan: "I tell you. The next person who acts irrationally, I am going to shoot myself in the head!"
Delenn: "Bastards!"
Franklin: "Did she just--?"
Sheridan: "She did!"
Franklin: "I'll get the gun."


Objects in Motion [top]

Garibaldi: "This is a check for five hundred thousand credits. It will be deposited into a secret account tomorrow morning. If anything should happen to Lise and me, you know, slip in the shower, fall down a flight of stairs, or die from anything other than old age, this money will be paid out to certain individuals who will take out each and ever one of you. Now I would have to imagine that a hundred thousand credits a head, every mercenary between here and Earth will be out looking to hunt you down."

Garibaldi: "It's just that my family, my ... my mom and dad passed away a long, long time ago. The two of you, and Stephen, G'kar, hell even Londo, you're the closest thing I've had to a family. You know, I ... I thought I would never make it out of here alive, I figured I whined face down in brown sector. I'm glad it did not happen. Cause now, I have ... have a chance to have a family of my own. Maybe I can find a little happiness. I have the ... the two of you to thank for that, more than anyone else in the world and ... I ... don't ... I don't have the words. I wish G'kar was here, because he would know what to say."
Sheridan: "Uh, you did just fine Michael."

Franklin: "When this place was built, I think irony was of the primary materials used in construction."

Lyta: "It's ironic. You have to leave because everybody wants you. They're fighting over you. And I have to leave because nobody wants me."
G'kar: "And yet we are the same in many ways."

G'kar: "We are all the sum of our tears: Too little and the ground is not fertile and nothing can grow there; too much, the best of us is washed away. "


Objects at Rest [top]

Sheridan: "She will never judge you. She will only love you. From time to time, you will make mistakes. They are inevitable. Sometimes, those mistakes will be huge. What matters is that you learn from them. There is nothing wrong with falling down, as long as you end up just two inches taller, when you pick yourself off the fall. At times, you may end far away from home. You may not be sure of where you belong anymore more. Home is always there, because home is not a place. It is where every your passion takes you. As you continue on your path, you will lose some friends and gain some new ones. The process is painful, but often necessary. They will change and you will change, because life is change. From time to time, they must find their own way and that way may not be yours. Enjoy them for what they are and remember them for what they were. Oh, there is not much left. Except, I believe. I really do believe that sooner or later, no matter what happened, things do work out. Well, we have hard times. We suffer. We lose loved ones. The road is never easy. It was never meant to be easy. But in the long run, if you stay to what you believe, things do work out. Always be willing to fight for what you believe in. It doesn't matter if thousand people agree with you, or one person agrees with you. It doesn't matter if you stand completely alone. Fight for what you believe. Which brings me to the ... the first piece of advice my dad gave me, and now I am giving it to you. Never ..."
Delenn: "Never start a fight, but always finish it."
Sheridan: "Always, finish it."

Garibaldi: "Now, all of you have been stuck in the mid-level position, in the same department, because you have an attitude problem. If you don't like something; you complain, you talk back, you think you can do everything better than you bosses."
Employee: "So we're fired. Is that it?"
Garibaldi: "Actually, more like promoted. I have decided that all of you are now on the board of directors of Edgar's Industries. Your job is to tell me where we have screwed up, so we can fix it, make it better. The position entitles you to a one hundred percent salary increase affective immediately, plus benefits. One part of your job is to tell me if I've screwed up, to stand your ground. Now, if you're right, you get a bonus. If you're wrong, I will eat you for lunch. Does anyone have a problem with that?"

Delenn: "There are moments, when we all become someone else. Something other than what we are. It takes only a moment, but we spend the rest of lives looking back at that moment in shame."

Sheridan: "Have I told you today, how much I love you?"
Delenn: "Yes, but you may continue to repeat for as long as you like."
Sheridan: "Oh, I plan to. Everyday, that I can."

Lochley: "And what's out there?"
Sheridan: "The rim."
Lochley: "And behind that?"
Sheridan: "The truth."

Zack: "Hell, I probably still be here, when they turn of the lights."


Sleeping in Light [top]

Delenn: "I decided to go out in search of the same air molecules you were looking for. In the theory that if they were good enough to lure you out of our bed, I should invesigate my competition!"
Sheridan: "You've never had competition."

Sheridan: "When I was a kid, every sunday dad would take us out for a drive. We never knew where we were going, that was half the fun. We'd just go. He'd say, pick a direction and one of us would point, off we'd go."

Vir: "You know, Londo, never liked the Pak'mar'a. I mean, they stubborn, lazy, obnoxious, greedy ..."
Garibaldi: "Kind of look like an octopus that got run over by a truck."
Vir: "That too. But, one day Londo and I were walking past their quarters - and we heard them... singing..."
Sheridan: "Singing? They can sing?"
Franklin: "Well, there is nothing about that in the lecture!"
Vir: "Apparently it is something they only do certain times of the year as part of their religious ceremonies. You may not believe this, but it was the most beautiful sound that I had ever heard. I could not make out the words but I knew that it was full of sadness, and hope and wonder, and terrible sense of loss. I ... I looked at Londo and - this is the amazing part. There was a tear running down his face. I said, Londo, we should leave, this is upsetting you. He just stood there and listened. And when it was over, he turned to me and said, 'There are forty-nine gods in our Pantheon, Vir. To tell you truth, I never really believed in any of them. But if only one of them exists, then he sings with that voice.' It's funny, after everything he had been through, all he did, .... I miss him.

Sheridan: "A Toast ... to absent friends in memory still bright."
Garibaldi: "G'kar."
Vir: "Londo."
Delenn: "Lennier."
Franklin: "Mar--"
Ivanova: "Marcus."

Dying Sheridan: "I just want to sit here, and watch the sun come up. It occured to me, that in all my time here, I have never done that. I want to know what it looks like when it comes up over the horizion, so I can carry a picture of it in my head."

Dying Sheridan: "Good night, my love, the brightest star in my sky."
Delenn: "Good night, you, my sky, and my sun, and my moon."

Dying Sheridan: "Lorien."
Lorien: "Did you think we had forgotten you? We have been waiting for you."
Sheridan: "Beyond the rim."
Lorien: "Yes."

Dying Sheridan: "There is still so much that I don't understand."
Lorien: "As it should be."

Dying Sheridan: "Can I come back?"
Lorien: "No. This journey is ended. Another begins. Time to rest now."

Ivanova: "An expedition to Coriona space (??) found Sheridan's ship a few days later, but they never found him. All the air locks were sealed, but there was no trace of him inside. Some of the Minbari believe he will come back some day, but I never saw him again in my life time."


(Babylon 5 explodes)
Ivanova: "Babylon 5 was last of the Babylon stations. They would never be another. It changed the future and it changed us. It taught us that we have to create the future or others will do it for us. It showed us that we have to care for one other, because if we don't, who will? And that true strength sometimes comes from the most unlikely of places. Mostly though, I think it gave us hope that there can always be new begins, even for people like us. As for Delenn, every morning, for as long she lived, Delenn got up before dawn and watched the sun come up."

Lorien: "Who are you? What do you want? Why are you here? Where are you going?"*9

More Quotes -- Homeless but worth reading [top]

(In case anybody remembers to which episode one of those belongs, please tell me)


Ivanova: My grandfather had a saying: Good News can wait, bad news will refuse to leave.

Ivanova: "You're a vicious man."
Garibaldi: "I'm Head of Security. It's in the job description."

Londo: "There comes a time when you look into the mirror and realize that what you see is all that you will ever be. Then you accept it, or you kill yourself. Or you stop looking into mirrors."

Ivanova to Talia Winters: "I have been nothing but compassionate and understanding. I mean, all you had to do was to admit you were wrong and I was right and everything would've been fine!"

G'Kar: "Mr. Garibaldi. I have been on this station long enough to know that you don't ask leading questions unless you already know the answers. So, why don't we just pretend I've lied about it, you've caught me in your web of insufferable logic and cut to the point."

Londo: "What guarantees will you give me that the crews will not open fire on a Centauri vessel as it approaches Babylon 5 ?"
Garibaldi: "It's the same guarantee I gave when I said that none of the other Narns would break into your quarters in the middle of the night and slit your throat."
Londo: "Mr. Garibaldi, you have never given me that promise!"
Garibaldi: "You're right. Sleep tight."

Vir: "Londo, they could've killed me."
Londo: "Nonsense, you are not important enough to kill."