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different colors

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creme colored rat "chocolate" brown rat wild brown rat white rat white and gray husky rat

a wild brown rat a creme-hooded and a gray-hooded rat



My Rats

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My rat Darra
Darra was a black hooded male and quite a bully. When he was younger he had a silver "Y"-shaped line on his back that led to his eyes and met on his forehead. At nearly two years of age he also became a victim of the same symptoms as his two brothers.
my rat Darra staring through cage bars
Darra: "I wanna see my solicitor!! I am citizen of a free--! Um... Ahh well, you gotta at least try...." [Darra]


my rat Serek
Serek was an agouti hooded male. Did I mention his middle mame was "Eeeek!"? He died from the same illness as his brother Kipp aged 1 years 8 months.
my rat Serek climbing bottles
Serek: "*Hick*... Hmm? No I wasssn't the one who emptied all thossse bottles. Really! Whatd'you mean my fingerprints are all over the place??" [Serek]


my rat Kipp wandering on top of the cage
Käpten Kipp, another black hooded male: Always the first to explore a new shelf or corner. Käpten Kipp suddenly died at only 3.3 months, probably of Mycoplasmosis. :-(

My rat Kipp looking up
The pretty white line that ran from Käpten Kipp's chin to his stomach.

Big screenshots of Darra and Serek (about 640x480 pixels)

Those make quite a nice slide show screensaver, by the way. Previews: (click to enlarge)

Darra sniffing at hand Serek sneaking into sleave
Darra and Serek peeking out of the cage door Darra and Serek staring into camera Serek and Darra staring into camera
Serek and Darra in hammock (1) Serek and Darra in hammock (2) Darra looking at Serek in the hammock



Michaela's Rats

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Buffy sitting on Michaela's hand
Pretty Buffy!
Buffy on Michaela's shoulder
Buffy on Michaela's shoulder
Willow on Michaela's shoulder
Willow (also no longer among us) :,-(


Isolde's Rats

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Isolde's rat Casimir
Casimir and his mouse

Isolde's rat Paule

Isolde's rats Dorian, Taps, and Tips
Little Dorian, stepping over Taps and Tips

Isolde's rat MacFly

Isolde's rat Tips


fReaKy RatZ. yEaH. [back to top]

a rat shaped toy on wheels a toy rat (from Sesame street?)