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fAcTs - Pet Rats

Rat movies -- starring Serek and Darra :-)


Movie "Hand": Darra heroically shows an impertinent human hand who's the boss around here, while Serek is supposed to be petted but prefers to sneak into the sleeve. (560kb, Quicktime, 25sec, 240x180)
Previews: (click to enlarge)
Darra sniffing at hand Serek sneaking into sleave


Movie "Outside": Darra and Serek follow the fiendish camera to the outside. Half of this movie consists of blured closeups of open mouths and sniffing noses; the sequel will be "The view from inside a rats stomach"... (450kb, Quicktime, 25sec, 240x180)
Previews: (click to enlarge)
Darra and Serek peeking out of the cage door Darra and Serek staring into camera Serek and Darra staring into camera


Movie "Inside": Darra and Serek in their hammock, filmed from inside the cage. Darra almost topples over the camera twice while checking it out, then he leaves a puzzled Serek alone with that strange object. (1.4MB, Quicktime, 1min, 240x180)
Previews: (click to enlarge)
Serek and Darra in hammock (1) Serek and Darra in hammock (2) Darra looking at Serek in the hammock